11 Of The Best Cabins In Wimberley, Texas

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you planning on taking a trip to Texas soon? Specifically Hays County? If so, you’ve struck gold coming across us! There are so many gorgeous cabins in Wimberley, which is a must-see destination in Texas Hill Country. 

The 11 Best Cabin Stays In Wimberley, Texas

Sure, you could stay at a hotel, or rent a room, but there is something magically Texas about staying in a cabin. So, today we will talk to you all about the best Wimberley cabins, with a really great range in price. 

You can miss out on the hard research, figuring out where is best for you to stay, as we have done all the work for you. Just grab yourself a drink, a snack, and read on. 

Let’s get into it! 

Our 11 Top Picks For Whimsical Wimberley Cabins! 

Here are our 11 top picks for the best cabins, check them out:

  • Sundown: Cozy Designer Tiny Home
  • ‘Moonshiner Cabin’
  • Delightful Stone Cabin
  • The Cypress Creek Shoreline Home
  • Private, Cozy, Romantic Log Cabin
  • Retreat For 2 To A Cozy Cabin
  • Más Suerte In Wimberley, Texas
  • Smith Creek Romantic Log Cabin
  • Everyone’s Favorite Log Cabin: Moondance
  • ‘Beautiful Blanco’ River Cottage
  • The Coolview Cabin

1. Sundown: Cozy Designer Tiny Home

This is a great option for whimsical cabins, it is a more modern type of accommodation in comparison to most of the other choices on our list, making it a unique option. 

This is an ideal trip for two people who are traveling together, working as an ideal option for couples, or small friend groups. 

The house was made by a graphic designer, and you can definitely tell this thanks to how it was made. 

Through the home, you will see plenty of great amenities, a hot tub, outdoor bench, front porch, and plenty of windows for natural light. 

It is a quiet and tranquil location, however, Downtown is actually close in a car, with loads of great restaurants, so you are not super cut off. 

2. ‘Moonshiner Cabin

The Moonshiner Cabin is a romantic, and unique place to stay, fitted out with cute 1920s decor. It is also a great cabin for top of the range amenities, including a wood stove, an outdoor shower, grill, and steampunk vibes through and through. 

It has a very typical ‘cabin in the woods’ kind of view from the outside, but when you step inside, it feels like you stepped in a time machine to go back in time. It’s got fun seats, unique wallpapering, and really quirky decor. 

It is a little bit over a mile away from Wimberley’s town square, but if you want a morning cup of coffee, it is included in your visit, so no need to worry! 

3. Delightful Stone Cabin

This is one of the most extraordinary cabins here, it is a quaint little rental, packing a punch for a reasonable price, and not that far from Wimberley. 

It is suitable for two people to stay in with a bathroom and one bedroom, ideal for small friend groups and couples. With a minimum stay restriction of one night, it is really ideal.

It is a cozy home and even has super ideal outdoor seating and a front porch that adds to the quaint feeling. 

It is the perfect base from which you can explore the local area, as it is right next to the Corral Theatre, Blue Hole Regional Park, and the town square.

4. The Cypress Creek Shoreline Home

If you have a group above 2 people, few of these previous cabins will be suitable for you, however this one is suitable for you. It is one of the best cabins for families vacationing or seeking a getaway in Wimberley as it is made to accommodate 4 people or fewer. 

It is 1,000 square feet and has 2 bedrooms and a single bathroom. You can only stay a minimum of two nights, but if you want to have a good exploration, this is perfect anyway! 

It is only a measly 2.3 smiles away from the Central Texas Bonsai Exhibit at the Jade Gardens, which is a must-see, and it is 1.2 miles away from the Blue Hole Regional park, as well as plenty of other places in Texas Hill Country.

You couldn’t pick a better location if you tried! 

This place was also recently renovated and is only just over a mile away from Wimberley town square, but with so much to do around here, the town square is probably last on your list! 

5. Private, Cozy, Romantic Log Cabin

Maybe you are looking for a couple’s retreat to spend some romantic 1-1 time with your partner in the Wimberley country. Well, as titled, this is the perfect couple’s retreat for a romantic getaway. 

It does have a slightly higher nightly rate than some of these other options, but there is a reason for that.

With outdoor seating, a front porch, romantic rustic atmosphere, with a hammock and jacuzzi, it is enough to spark up any flame of the heart. 

You will find this cabin on Smith Creek near the town square. The owner of this cabin actually tends to refer to the cabin as a ‘heaven between the stars’. 

Nearby there are some delicious dining spots, and outdoor fun, including zip lining! 

Everything you need is nearby, so you needn’t go far, but you are also away from the hustle and bustle! 

6. Retreat For 2 To A Cozy Cabin

This is a super cozy cabin which is another ideal two person stay, found near Cypress Creek and near the town square as well as parks and other top local attractions. 

On the inside of the cabin you will find a scene very different from others. Externally it appears like any other traditional log cabin, but the inside is airy and bright, looking more like a Pinterest board brought to life than a log cabin. 

There are plenty of amenities here too, including a mini-fridge, king bed, coffee machine, and toiletries. However, even if this is not suitable for you, the owner has plenty of other epic cabins locally.

7. Más Suerte In Wimberley, Texas

This is perfect for a couple or two best friends.

Two people can stay here with one bedroom, but a massive amount of space at 800 square feet, which is around two times the size of most other cabins we have listed, so if you like your elbow room, we suggest picking this one! 

It is only a 10-minute drive away from the town square, and is ideal if you want to explore locally.

There are also 10 acres of land for you to explore as well, so if you don’t fancy leaving the property, you don’t need to. 

There is plenty of porch seating, easy creek access, and a kitchen with a coffee maker to keep you on the go. Since Texas can be very hot in the summer, the bedroom is also equipped with fans. 

8. Smith Creek Romantic Log Cabin

This very romantic log cabin found on Smith Creek is high end if you also want an affordable night stay for two. The entire cabin is quaint on the inside and on the outside too. 

It is only a five-minute drive to get to Downtown and explore the area such as the famous Cowboy Museum. 

If that is not your taste, you could explore the creek, take a swim, and just explore in general. 

This cabin comes with amenities such as a hot tub, outdoor shower, fire pit, treehouse, and a wood-burning stove. There is also a cute canopy bed too, making it an ideal option for a romantic trip!  

9. Everyone’s Favorite Log Cabin: Moondance

Moon dance log cabin is a massive cabin, at 9,000 square feet, able to sleep 4 people at any one time. 

The outside looks like your traditionally styled log cabin, and so does the inside, which makes it feel traditional and tranquil. The master bedroom bed is also made out of 100% wood, which makes it all that more enjoyable. 

The cabin itself is found on Cypress Creek and is a short walk away from Downtown. You don’t even need to actually have a car to get there, making it an ideal and sought after location. 

10. ‘Beautiful Blanco’ River Cottage

Less of a cabin and more of a cottage, this is a better option if you are traveling with a large group of people, since it is able to sleep 6 people per night. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, so there is plenty of room for everyone. 

It is the ideal stay for families. 

It is a cozy cabin that is found right along the Blanco River, in a location that is peaceful and quiet.

That being said, if you decide to jump in the car and take a short drive, you can easily get to Downtown Wimberley to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant or do a spot of shopping. 

The cottage itself is very comfy and cozy, and has a small front porch with plenty of room inside.

If you stay here you will also have easy access to the local river which is a perfect location for those who enjoy an early morning stroll. As for amenities you will find a big kitchen, flat-screen TV, and a cozy fireplace. 

11. The Coolview Cabin

Our final cabin is Coolview Cabin, which is appropriately named. Here you have an amazing, massive porch that looks out over the surroundings, and the view here is jaw-dropping. To go with this, there is plenty of outdoor seating. 

You can fit four people here between the 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. If you want to stay, however, the minimum stay is 3 nights, and you will be glad for this, because you will want at least this amount of time to relax at this calming location and explore Wimberley too. 

It is only a 2-mile drive to get to Downtown to do your shopping or grab some food at one of the restaurants here. 

There is an abundance of amenities here, including HDTV, a DVD player, air conditioning, a fireplace, and plenty of kitchenware. 


Each of these cabins provides you with something unique, however, all of them give you the chance to explore the local area, but also get plenty of relaxation to soothe your soul and rejuvenate you.

Whether you want a break from home life or a romantic getaway, these 11 cabins are all great options. 

Which is your favorite cabin?

Alex Kallen
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