Best Airbnb In Fredericksburg TX: 14 Amazing Options

A good Airbnb is based in a central location to your activities, is Instagrammable, and has wonderful quirks for you to explore.

Best Airbnb In Fredericksburg TX 14 Amazing Options

Depending on what your vacation looks like, you might think some features are unnecessary while others are an important factor in your trip.

This is why we want to break down every element of these amazing choices, so you can pick out the options for you.

1. Live Oak Treehouse – A Romantic Getaway

The Live Oak Treehouse in HoneyTree Farm is a luxurious option for a romantic getaway. Despite its name, the cottage isn’t inside a tree. Instead, you’d be staying in a cozy cabin.

There is one bedroom and one bathroom, which means families and large friend groups are too large for this suggestion.

In the cabin, you will see a cute kitchenette, a king-sized bed, a double-headed shower, and most importantly, a gorgeous reading nook.

We cannot pretend like the reading nook isn’t the biggest selling point. It is large enough for you and your boo to snuggle in together and read your novels while watching the stars. 

If the night feels fresh, you could lay in the hammock held up by ancient trees, or take a dip in the outdoor hot tub.

Because the cabin is in the Hill Country, you can expect to hear bird songs and watch as deer, armadillos, and wild turkeys roam the area.

Despite the remote feeling, the Live Oak Treehouse is just 8 minutes away from the city, so you can explore the wilderness or party in the city depending on your mood. 

1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchenette, Hot Tub, Close to The City, Romantic.


  • Beautiful Reading Nook
  • Close To The City
  • In The Wilderness


  • Sleeps 2

2. Double Deer Ranch – A Romantic Getaway

Continuing this romantic theme, our next suggestion is the Double Deer Ranch. This beautiful one-bed cabin has the appeal of an American Western while being built like an Italian home.

If you want your romantic getaway to be free from technology as you reconnect with your loved one, then this ranch is for you.

Although you’ll have access to a coffee maker, microwave, and all the important health and hygiene necessities, there is no Wi-Fi for you to distract yourself with.

Instead, you can enjoy the rustic fireplace, jetted baths, and rural experience of nature.

You’ll be just minutes away from a whole host of restaurants, but this cottage is perfect for walkers and nature lovers.

1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchenette, Nature Walks, Romantic.


  • Isolated
  • No Internet
  • In The Wilderness


  • Sleeps 2

3. Canoe Barn – Peaceful

The Canoe Barn would also be a great place for a romantic getaway, but the private access to the creek is the most appealing part of this cabin. You can hire a canoe or bring your own for daily trips around the lake.

The backyard is also large enough to host field games, while the interior is much bigger than the previous suggestions.

Admittedly, the other two are more Instagrammable, but if you want a large space with a rustic aesthetic, then the Canoe Barn is for you.

Some of the furniture has been made with locally chopped logs for a unique bench you’d want to take home with you.

Despite its size, the barn only has 1 bedroom, so again it cannot play host to a family or large group of friends.

If you prefer a social night out, you can drive to the local club which is just 15 minutes away. The nightlife is smooth and fun, and the neighborhood is friendly. 

You can also walk to the downtown area for an easy 15-minute stroll. The trail takes you around the creek, through a low-traffic area for a beautiful view on your journey.

1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchenette, Washer, Dryer, Nature Walks, Private Creek.


  • Creek Access
  • Large Interior
  • In The Wilderness


  • Sleeps 2

4. Emma House Quaint – Young Family Vacation

If you’re planning a getaway with your friends or with a young family, the Emma House might be for you. There is just one bedroom, but the sofa is pulled out into a queen size sleeper. This makes it perfect for 4 people.

The house itself is quaint – like a home from an old western movie. And the people who own the property are just as sweet. Anything you could possibly want is stocked in the house, including beer!

The home itself is on the outskirts of town. The Barons Creek is just behind the property, giving you a quick trip into nature.

If you prefer a spot of shopping, the main high street is just a couple of minutes away. You could even take the scenic route and follow the creek into town.

1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchenette, Sleeps 4, Beautiful Creek, Minutes From High Street


  • Creek Access
  • Well Stocked
  • Scenic


  • None

5. Bird Point Cabin – Rustic Adventures

This beautiful cabin has an open fireplace, a beautiful oak wood chunky bed, and a matching dining set. If you were hoping for a rural aesthetic, you will find it here.

The outside is just as picturesque as the interior. You’ll be on the border of the woodland area, where deer are commonly found roaming around. The large hot tub is outside too, so you can watch the stars as you soak.

The home itself is spacious with all of the classic essentials you may need.

Just a stone’s throw away from the cabin, you’ll find yourself in wine country. Texas is known as a hub of fine wines, so on your adventures, you could take a day trip to a winery and bring a bottle or two back with you.

This cabin is perfect for romantic getaways, rustic rests on your adventures, decadent wine tours, and nature retreats.

1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Kitchenette, Hot Tub, Close To Wineries, Close To Nature


  • Romantic
  • Large Interior
  • In The WIlderness


  • Sleeps 2

6. Amore – Cozy Romantic Cottage

Moving away from the rusty aesthetic and more into the modern cottage vibe, Amore has all the quirks of a countryside home just 2 blocks away from the main high street.

One of the best rooms in the whole house is the bathroom. It has a deep jet bath that sits next to an exposed feature wall. The cold stone creates the perfect vibe for an enriching bath.

The rest of the house has a wonderful mixture of wooden beams or furniture and white appliances.

Unlike Emma’s house, Amore can sleep 3 people comfortably as they each have their own room. Granted the king bed is in the same room as the kitchen, so keep that in mind when choosing your property. 

The garden is also rather small, however, there is enough room for the hot tub which gives you a beautiful view at night.

2 Bedrooms, Hot Tub, Close To Town, Kitchenette.


  • Beautiful Views
  • Beautiful Interior
  • Sleeps 3


  • King In The Same Room As The Kitchen

7. Sycamore Treehouse – Secluded In Nature

The Sycamore Treehouse is a luxury stay in a barn. The natural landscape is secluded and allows you to look over Palo Alto Creek. The room sizes are large and are high enough to take in stunning views from every angle.

Depending on which you take in the building, you’ll either see a cabin in the woods, or a large windowed house attached to a tree. Either way, the cottage has a lot of Instagram appeal.

To really take in the beauty, one wall in the house is made entirely of glass. When the sun rises, you get to experience nature in all its beauty.

The walk-in shower is accompanied by a deep soaking tub, so no matter which way you like to wash, you’ll have the perfect experience.

The treehouse is around 2 miles away from Fredericksburg’s city. It is surrounded by beautiful wilderness, and majestic isolation – perfect for some time alone.

1 Bedroom, In Nature, Tree House, Kitchenette


  • Romantic
  • Treehouse
  • Creek Access


  • Sleeps 2

8. Hill Country – Old Fashioned Cabin

This cabin was built in the 1880s, and although it now has working electricity it is still an internet-free zone. For a truly relaxing break, escape to the peace and quiet of the Hill Country.

As part of your stay, breakfast is included in the refrigerator. No one will host for you, as this time alone shouldn’t mean talking to strangers. Instead, solitude and privacy are respected in this romantic and secluded getaway.

Along with the kitchen essentials, you will be offered a leaflet to the local market. The food is fresh from the farms and locally produced. There is also an internet cafe in the center of town, so if you need to check into the wide world, you can.

Most importantly, the Hill Country cabin allows you to bring dogs. There is a fee for each dog that comes along with you, but the wonderful owners are happy for your furry friends to join in your stay.

1 Bedroom, In Nature, Large Building, Kitchen, Allows Dogs, No Internet


  • 1880s Build
  • No Internet
  • Allows Dogs


  • Sleeps 2

9. The Hideaway – Near The Town Center

The Hideaway is an enchanting cottage just off Main Street. It has an open fireplace on the patio at the back of the house, and just meters from the heat is a cozy hot tub.

The cottage isn’t just a beautiful area in a central location, it’s also hosted by wonderful people who will book you private transportation to a wine tour.

These luxurious connections are shown throughout the property as discount codes and activity suggestions are kept in their welcome book.

Despite being so close to town, the area is quiet enough to feel secluded. The courtyard is fenced off, so you can relax and unwind without worrying about your neighbors.

The exterior of this property is not as beautiful as the others on our list, but the interior is a modernist’s dream.

1 Bedroom, In Town, Hottub, Kitchenette, Concealed Back Yard, Large Space


  • Secluded
  • Modernist
  • In Town


  • Sleeps 2

10. Porch Light – Studio Rental

Although you’ll be renting this whole house, the building is presented like a studio. The master bedroom takes up the entire top floor – equipped with a king-sized bed, TV, two-seater sofa, and room to run around.

The size is massive, the aesthetic is modern and light, and the entire building is designed to look lavish.

The outdoor area is just as well looked after. You can expect a private courtyard with a hot tub. What sets it apart from other similar exteriors is the bistro table, outdoor TV, and lounge seating.

The view is amazing and the hot tub can be used all year round.

The studio itself is in the center of time, right next to the Historic District. This means you’ll have a short 5-minute walk to Main Street, despite feeling wonderfully secluded in your home.

1 Bedroom, In Town, Hottub, Kitchenette, Concealed Back Yard, Large Space


  • Large Interior
  • 5-Minute Walk To Town
  • In The Wilderness


  • Sleeps 2

11. German Style Cottage – Rustic With Neighbors

If you love the idea of making friends while on vacation, then you’ll love this next cottage. Although you’ll have your own private building to stay in, and a secluded hot tub just for yourself, the cottage is based on a rental street where other holidaymakers will be there for you to befriend.

You could even use this street for all of your friends, as you each book your own cottage while spending time together.

The house itself has a stone aesthetic with wooden furniture and a walking double shower.

There is a beautiful water feature that can be swum in but isn’t appropriate for children. 

A local bottle of wine will be presented to you on arrival, and the wifi is free with your purchase.

This German-style cottage is designed for luxury, as you explore the wineries and histories in the area.

1 Bedroom, In Town, Hottub, Kitchen, Community Space


  • German-Style
  • Community
  • In Town


  • Sleeps 2

12. Jill’s Luxury Estate – Pools, Hottubs, And Bright Colors

Most of the cottages and barns we have shown you so far have either followed the rustic look of the country or a modern freshness. This estate, however, has taken a different turn, embracing reds against the beach-worn aesthetic. 

The house has 6 beds and 4 bedrooms, with enough space to fit 12 people. There are also 3 bathrooms, so no one should be by the door waiting for the toilet.

The bedrooms are large with 2 king beds and 3 queens. 2 of the queens are in the same room.

In the backyard, there is a pool with a hot tub section for late-night dips. However, be warned that the city has quiet hours. This means no late-night pool pirates past 10 pm, as the neighbors will report you.

The luxury feelings continue, as you can ask Jill for a private chef during your stay. The chef can cook you anything from a good meal to a gourmet experience. The price will range depending on your request.

You can also ask for a professional photo shoot, an in-house concierge, and itinerary planning for your entire stay.

All of these are added extras, so if you would prefer to plan everything yourself, you are free to do that too.

4 Bedrooms, 6 Beds, Sleeps 12, Pool, Private Chef, Itinerary Planning


  • Sleeps 12
  • Private Chef
  • All The Help You Could Want


  • Cannot Have Loud Parties

13. Denim & Diamonds – Hipster Cottage

Denim & Diamonds is set in a beautiful area of the city. It’s just a couple of minutes away from the main street, but the charming interior will make you want to stay indoors.

This cottage is perfect for couples on solo travels on their way between places.

The most adorable part of the building is the swinging chair next to the hot tub. It allows for a perfectly chill atmosphere as you naturally dry off from your hot tub experience. The whole cottage creates laid-back vibes and relaxing energy.

If you want to, you can stay in this cottage for up to 28 days. With long stays and short stays available, this cottage is perfect for everyone.

1 Bed, Hot Tub, Long Or Short Stays, In Town


  • Long Or Short Days
  • Chill Aesthetic


  • Sleeps 2

14. Das Zimmer – Masculine Interior

This studio is painted in a deep green, perfect for a bachelor pad. The value for money is what makes this rental special, as you’ll have access to a large living area, in the center of town (just down a quiet street).

There isn’t a kitchen, nor is there a hot tub. Instead, Das Zimmer is the perfect choice for a couple or solo traveler who wants a nice place to rest their head – nothing more.

The cheap price, quick access to town, and nothing-but-the-necessities outlook mean you won’t be paying for amenities that you won’t be using.

1 Bed, Long Or Short Stays, In Town, Cheap, 


  • No Fuss
  • In Town
  • Affordable


  • Sleeps 2


Each of these Airbnb options will create the perfect atmosphere for your vacation. Whether you want to be a stone’s throw away from town, or you want to be embraced by the beautiful outdoors – you can find the right choice among these cabins.

It is very common to expect a hot tub in AirBnbs, so if this has become a “must-have” in your search you should still be able to find a match. However, don’t assume every option will offer these amenities to you.

Read through the details we have offered and weed out the cabins or cottages that do not include the special items you prefer.

Alex Kallen
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