6 Best Glamping Spots In Hawaii That Are So Much Fun

Hawaii has been a popular tourist spot in the Pacific for a hundred years at this point. With more than its fair share of glamorous and luxurious hotels, there are plenty of places to stay and enjoy this little slice of tropical paradise.

6 Best Glamping Spots In Hawaii That Are So Much Fun

But look at how much of Hawaii has amazing landscapes, gorgeous vistas, and exciting tropical wildlife.

It kind of feels like a waste for people to simply be held up in a 6-story luxury hotel, rather than out there, experiencing the natural beauty of this stunning island state first-hand.

We’re not the only people to think this, as Hawaii has seen an explosion in the number of Glamping sites. Rather than staying cooped up in a 5-star hotel room, you get to stay in a fully kitted-out, nice rustic place.

Luxury tents or tipis, pristine cabins, swanky treehouses. All of these, and plenty more are out there!

And that’s part of the issue. With so many amazing campsites to find, where do you even start looking for the best?

Well, with this guide, perhaps!

Here, we’ll take you across the islands of Hawaii to find the best glamping spots to check out!

1. Bamboo Villa

Starting this list off with a premium option that is sure to blow your socks off, we have a cozy little villa that is the perfect up-market camping experience!

Located in Haiku County on Maui Island, the gorgeously built and furnished bamboo villa feels both incredibly fancy and modern, while also somehow having that rustic charm that the best glamping experiences have.

The interior of this almost 100% bamboo cabin is decked with everything that you could need for an island getaway.

You get 1,000 square feet of indoor space, three covered decks, and even a private hot tub that you can use at your leisure.

And that’s not even touching on the beautiful shared swimming pool that you get access to at the same time, or the washing and drying amenities. You even get satellite TV access here too, if you’re just looking to relax!

We’d almost hesitate to call this a true glamping experience if the entire design of the villa wasn’t built to immerse you in the surrounding Hawaiian countryside.

The open design allows for tropical breezes to pass through the villa and greet you with the sounds of this island paradise around you, from the swaying palm trees to the nearby lava rock waterfalls.

In short, if you’re looking for the perfect getaway for a group or family of 4, you know where you need to look!

2. Tropical Garden Retreat

Next, up, we have an all-inclusive glamping suite that is sure to please anyone, even those folks that aren’t sold on the idea of glamping.

Located near the iconic Kealakekua Bay, this glamping design takes the idea of ‘open living’, and dials it up to 11. The living space, kitchen, and outdoor grill, are all given easy access to the beautiful outdoors of Big Island.

Everything about this place is all about finding the best spot to relax, whether it’s by the bar, in the hammock, or sunbathing under the Hawaiian sun.

Plus, with a host that is easy to contact about any issues and is super easy to get along with, you can’t go wrong with the service either.

This particular accommodation’s host knows all the best places in the local area to grab a bite to eat, and places that you need to see on the island.

And considering you’re based right next to Kealakekua Bay on the main island of Hawaii, there’s going to be a lot to check out!

It’s a glamping site that’s only built for 2 people, so the kids are probably not going to be able to come along on this vacation. But for couples looking for a cozy tropical retreat, you can’t go wrong with this tropical garden getaway!

3. Unique Bubble Tent

One of the things that Hawaii is often loved for is its bright, starry sky. With not as much urban buildup and streetlights, you can get some truly incredible views of what the night sky looks like away from the drowning lights of civilization.

So, what if we told you that there wasn’t just a glamping site that let you see that starry sky easily, but allowed you to look up at it while drifting off to sleep?

That’s the promise that this next glamping spot makes to its guests.

The main attraction here is the bubble tent situated on the roof of the building (securely, of course) that allows you to stare up at the night sky from the comfort of a luxuriously soft queen-sized bed.

There might not be a gentler way to float off to sleep after a day of enjoying the many wonders of Hawaiian life.

Plus, the Hawaiian sunrise gives you a gorgeous surrounding view of the tropical landscape as you wake up. A view we think is equally romantic.

Of course, that’s not all this accommodation has to offer. Sometimes, whether it’s because of the weather, or the cold mountain breeze, sleeping out under the stars seems nicer in your head than it does in practice.

Luckily, the sky loft that this bubble tent is built over is a part of the site too, giving you fully sheltered access to a comfy king-sized bed and bathroom.

One that you should consider for sleeping accommodations unlike any other!

4. Waipi’o Lodge Glamping

Luxury cabins and sky lofts are great glamping locations, don’t get it twisted. But for us, the real glamping experience needs to be under a few layers of fine canvas, like you’re on an adventure as an old-world explorer.

For that particular experience, we can’t recommend Waipi’o Lodge Glamping enough!

With three bedrooms and a common living space, this is the perfect place for a larger party of people to enjoy. Plus, the outdoor kitchen, lodge bathroom, and high-speed Wi-Fi access mean that your other needs are more than covered too.

What’s more, you’re surrounded by the beautiful Hawaiian countryside, with tropical shores and flora and fauna to boot. There are even macadamia and other fruit trees on site that you’re free to pick from and enjoy safely!

And just look at the view that greets you as you exit the lodge! That gorgeous Pacific Ocean view is one that few other places can beat. Who doesn’t want to be welcomed by warm tropical water every morning?

5. Gingerhill Farm Retreat Glamping

Staying with the lodge theme for just a little longer, we have another canvas camping retreat for you to check out.

Located once again on the Big Island in Hawaii, this farm retreat promises simplicity, sophistication, and sublime comfort rolled into one package. A tall order, for sure, but one that this camping experience manages to meet in style!

The lodges that you’ll be staying in are fully furnished with the softest queen-sized bed that you could want, all while the canvas lodge is filled with the warm light of the Hawaiian countryside.

And with a mini-fridge and full Wi-Fi connection in each hut, you also get a healthy amount of luxuries in your glamping experience.

Plus, the farm retreat offers so many other things to try out, from full-body massages to hiking tours around the Island. And who doesn’t want to enjoy Hawaii’s natural beauty on a good hike?

One to check out for an activity-filled glamping experience!

6. Rainforest Treehouse

Who hasn’t dreamed of sleeping in a treehouse vacation spot? It’s practically every kid’s dream to sleep high in the canopy of the biggest tree they can find!

Well, this next glamping spot allows you to fulfill that childhood dream that you’ve always had, by staying in this luxury treehouse cabin… 15 feet off the forest floor!

This particular glamping spot, nestled in the tropical rainforests of the Big Island, is the perfect place to appreciate the ambiance of tropical life. The trees rustling, the chirping sounds of wildlife — It doesn’t get much closer to nature than this.

And, again, we can’t emphasize just how much this feels like the treehouse camping trip of your dreams — Fully kitted out in every amenity you could need for glamping, from soft bed, open design, and protected patio, all 15 feet off the ground!

Final Notes

So, there you have it. Our picks for the best glamping spots in the Hawaiian Islands.

We understand that camping, and by extension glamping, is something that isn’t for everyone.

We all had that one camping experience, whether as kids, teens, or adults, that turned us away from sleeping on rustling and uncomfy mats on the floor, while bugs and critters crawled around your little 2-man tent.

But those days are long gone. Camping no longer has to be a chore to set up and do. You get all the luxuries that you could bring from home, in the rustic comfort of a camping experience. The best of both worlds.

Plus, it’s Hawaii. How can you go wrong with a glamping trip here?

Alex Kallen

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