11 Of The Best Beach Towns In Texas That Are Worth Paying A Visit

Texas, known as the Lone Star state, offers some of the best beach towns you can either visit or stay in during your trip to the American South.

11 Beach Towns In Texas That Are Worth Paying A Visit

Indeed, with its coastline spreading on the Gulf of Mexico, the state’s beach towns have become home to many people who love the sea and the calmness it brings, and we have x of those towns to present you with and urge you to visit them!

While other states like Florida and California are stealing most of the attention away from other states when it comes to beach towns, these x Texan towns are just as beautiful and worth seeing or staying in (if not more).

Keep reading below to find out which those beach towns are and start making plans for your trip to Texas and the U.S.!

1. Galveston

Galveston is a 1-hour drive away from Houston and considered as one of the nicest beach towns in Texas that you can visit any day of the year (see also “Most Beautiful Beaches Near Houston, TX“).

Its seemingly endless shoreline allows for easy access to the beach and the fact that it features the lengthiest walkway on the planet means you can effortlessly wander around the city in the fresh air.

With the Afro-American culture rooted inside Galveston, this place is worth exploring in your own pace and time.

Apart from that, you can also immerse yourself into the ghost stories of the town and spook yourself or enjoy the nonchalance of shopping from chic boutique stores.

Jamaica Beach, as well as East Beach are also a ‘must’ while going out at night partying is an experience that will make you feel young and carefree!

Stewart Beach is great for those who wish to escape the party scene or enjoy a relaxing time staring at or swimming in the sea, while Surfside Jetty County Park is a must-see if you enjoy bird watching or playing volleyball on the sandy shore.

Alternatively, you can set up a reservation at the Seawall Urban Park and one of its oceanfront eateries if you wish to spend the evening hours doing nothing but looking longingly at the sea.

Either way, the options at Galveston are endless and your time in this beach town will make you feel renewed and full of joy!

2. Bolivar Peninsula

A small gem like the Bolivar Peninsula deserves more than a visit and if you are making it to Galveston, then you should definitely stop by and spend some time there.

To get to the Bolivar Peninsula you can either hop on a ferry or ride a car in order to enjoy its several stunning views and gorgeous beachside.

Crystal Beach is by far the best one, providing a serene atmosphere that will soothe your soul and body, and, if you love animals, you can encounter lots of them, as this place is a hotspot for dolphins and seagulls.

This beach is a stretch of spotless sand and warm waters, but the even greatest thing is that visitors can even set up their tents on the beach and enjoy their time camping.

With live music and cocktails on the menu too, as well as the possibility of renting a golf cart, going from grooving to live music to resting by the sea can be done in a couple of minutes, leaving you with ample time to enjoy your time there.

3. Padre Island

Padre Island is one of the islands you can find along the Texas coastline (Check out Different Nicknames For Texas), but what makes it unique is that, for starters, it is the one with the greatest length.

It is split into two areas: North Padre Island and South Padre Island, with the latter offering some of the most stunning beach towns in the state.

Because of its tropical waters and bright sunshine, Padre Island is an all-year tourist attraction and a very easy one to incorporate in your trip plans as you can easily go there for a day from Corpus Christi by ferry or by riding on the bridge that connects it to the mainland.

Nevertheless, we do suggest you stay there for the night to take advantage of the Island’s different types of activities, like outdoor hikes, wildlife exploration tours, and water sports like scuba diving!

The Schlitterbahn Waterpark is also a great attraction you should definitely visit with the family before unwinding by the beach after a long day.

4. Port Aransas

Texas, just like any other coastal state ought to have a fishing capital, and in this state, it is none other than Port Aransas.

However, don’t think that it is just for fishing. Port Aransas, situated on the northern tip of Mustang Island has some of the calmest waters and sandiest shores.

If you wish to spend the day around Corpus Christi and engage in some fishing activities in the open waters, reel in some tuna species, and cook them later for dinner, this entertaining, artistic Texas town is perfect for you.

There’s also the Ray Roberts Park you can visit and hang around with the sea turtles and dolphins that live there and lots of water sports you can do.

Even if you want to spend your time exploring as much as you can, biking is a fantastic activity you can undertake to go from one beach to the next.

5. Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island was once the home of wild mustangs, but today it is a lovely coastal town named after them.

It encompasses more than 18 miles of shoreline and is home to underwater creatures as well as a variety of seabirds.

It is an excellent location for hiking but also for camping and the kids, in particular, will love the opportunity they’ll have to build tons of sandcastles!

In addition, the Mustang Island State Park Paddling Trail, which spans 20 miles of shallow sea, tends to attract parents with kids as well as adventure seekers who love paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing.

6. Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, Texas’s biggest seaside city, has a population of 300,000 people and ranks among the finest beach towns in the state.

That alone is enough of a reason to plan a perfect urban beach retreat, not to mention that its proximity to major cities and endless, stunning shorelines makes it so easy to get to.

Corpus Christi is only two hours from San Antonio and serves as a gateway to most of the state’s beaches.

If you’re looking for an extended weekend trip to the beach, start in Corpus Christi and then head to Port Aransas, and Padre Island, for a full and fun break.

JP Luby Beach is ideal for those seeking adventure as all kinds of water sport options are there waiting for you to enjoy them.

For a more relaxed experience, you can head to McGee Beach, where you can see all kinds of people enjoying their time and chilling under the sun.

If you want to learn more about the history of the place, you should also visit the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History.

7. Seabrook

Seabrook is another lovely coastal town with an oceanic humid subtropical weather that makes it an excellent holiday spot.

Other than being beautiful as a place, it also offers 13 miles of hiking and biking trails as well as a popular sailing destination.

It is situated in Harris County, near Houston, which is about 35 miles apart, and the drive takes about 30 minutes.

As for other activities you can undertake in Seabrook, the most popular one is birdwatching, as the area is one of the most famous bird sanctuaries in the U.S. thanks to the varied swarms of diverse bird species that migrate over it.

Seabrook has more than 18 fantastic parks that are well-known for their events and activities offered, so the best way to explore them is to rent a bike and travel around.

8. Kemah

Kemah is a well-known leisure destination situated close to Houston on the Galveston Bay.

It is a tiny beach town in the state that offers a variety of activities, while it is also the most ideal location for beachgoers who enjoy water sports and swimming.

Kemah is well-known for its seafront entertainment park, which also features numerous thrilling arcade machines and thrilling roller-coaster rides, but there are also several seaside eateries to enjoy a more relaxed getaway.

Kemah Clear Lake Park is a popular picnic site for parents and their children because it has a separate section that functions as a kid’s playground.

The Lake Park is also home to a variety of indigenous plants and animals and offers great fishing opportunities.

Trekking enthusiasts must also head to the Armand Bayou Nature Center, which has beautiful walking trails. You can also take a horse carriage ride or enjoy cruising in the blue waters.

As you can tell, Kemah is perfect for families and you can find plenty of events taking place whenever you are there, so you can always choose when to do depending on what’s on.

9. Port Arthur

This vibrant port town offers an enticing blend of Texas coastline allure and Cajun finesse.

It is an enchanting setting where you can enjoy plenty of local fresh fish, refreshing coastline strolls, as well as natural beaches.

Moreover, if you want to participate in high-adrenaline activities then Port Arthur is an ideal location for a wide range of recreational activities such as sailing, wakeboarding, and paddle boarding.

The upsurge of immigrants who have moved to this charming beach town has resulted in a cultural melting pot, as evidenced by the city’s numerous beautiful holy sites and cultural monuments.

Therefore, if you are not a fan of water sports but are looking for some eye-opening cultural tours, this place will satisfy your needs too!

10. Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is approximately a 2-hour distance from Houston and is considered as one of the loveliest beach towns in the state.

Known for its dark sandy beach and green-blue waters, it is, as its name suggests, the perfect place to be if you love surfing.

The clear sea and grainy sand provide a pleasant environment, helping to make it more suitable for some people than, for example, Corpus Christi, which is rather busy.

Water sports such as water skiing are popular among thrill seekers, but you can always enjoy fishing too if you don’t want your heartbeat to go crazy.

At the end of an exciting day, you can enjoy the warmth of a bonfire and spend the evening under the stars as this is the only coastal place in Texas where you are permitted to do this.

The Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge is another great option you can spend time at, exploring the wildlife of the area, with many paths and even a pool for children available there to keep the little ones busy and content while you enjoy your picnic.

11. Freeport

Freeport is a small beachside town 62 miles away from Houston. It is well-known as a fishing area but there’s certainly more to it.

With the beach offering itself for biking rides, you can ride yours right on the water. If you want to go deeper, you can choose to do some water sports.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your feet warm on the sandy shore, you can walk around it and collect shells!

Camping on Surfside beach is also an option, while taking a walk or riding to Bryan Beach is also worth it and easy to do as it is only 3 miles away.

The Bottom Line

These perfect seaside towns are ideal for a day’s trip or a short break during the weekend, especially when you are craving the sun and sea during the cold winter times.

Wherever you decide to go, though, every single one of these towns can suit you, regardless of whether you are visiting with the family, with your partner, or as a solo traveler.

So, just pick one of the 11 beach towns we have included in this article or plan a wee road trip to see all of them at once (Also check out Road Trips From Dallas)!

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