11 Amazing Sunflower Fields In Texas

Texas may be home to an abundance of cattle, a brilliant space center, and a southern charm that is alight in every city, but did you know that it is also home to some amazing sunflower fields and farms? 

That’s right. These brilliant sunflower fields and farms are the unsung beauties of the Lone Star State, but that changes today. 

11 Amazing Sunflower Fields In Texas

In this article, we will be showing you the 11 most amazing sunflower fields and farms in all of Texas.

There are so many reasons to hop in your car and take a trip to these wonderful spots, and we are going to reveal all. If you’re interested, read on for more! 

Here are our top picks of the 11 most amazing sunflower fields and farms in Texas! 

1. Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

First on our list is the wonderful Sweet Eats Fruit Farm! This farm is under an hour’s drive from Austin, the capital city of Texas. 

This farm has 6.5 acres of sunflowers, and if you were to stand at the edge of the farm you would see the sunflowers stretching for miles and miles ahead of you.

These sunflowers have a diverse appearance so you can spend hours walking through all of the acres and never be bored of what you see. 

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm hosts the Sweet Eats Sunflower Festival every year in June. The first 10 days of this festival focus on the iconic yellow, single-stem sunflowers.

Meanwhile, the rest of the festival will focus on the 30+ other varieties that are there. 

There are many different colors to be seen here, including black, purple, and green sunflowers! Not only that, but some of the showcased flowers can reach 14 ft tall! 

This farm has many “no pick” zones where you are welcome to take pictures of the sunflowers but not take them home with you.

2. Yesterlands Farm

Around 1 hour away from Dallas you will find Yesterlands Farm. Walking through this farm you will feel as though you are walking through the past.

There are many vintage attractions to be found here, including a Ferris wheel, rollercoasters, and carousels. 

This farm even offers a whole host of Autumnal activities to participate in, including pumpkin picking and a giant corn maze.

You can visit no matter the season, and this quaint little sunflower farm will provide a whole host of activities the entire family can enjoy. 

However, the highlight of Yesterlands Farm has to be its sunflowers. This farm has only been planting sunflowers since 2020, but they have already garnered quite a reputation!

Their sunflowers are beautiful, and they host a Sunflower Days festival during late September where you can see their sunflowers in all their glory. 

3. Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm

If you start in Amarillo and travel for around 20 minutes, you will find Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm.

Despite being named after their brilliant pumpkins, Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm also grows some seriously amazing sunflowers that you can go to see from September to October during the weekends. 

Here, you will be able to take a stroll through the many sunflower fields and marvel at these wonderful flowers. Don’t forget to take some fun Instagram pics so you can remember your day!

Then, once you’re done looking at the sunflowers, Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm offers a whole host of attractions to ensure you are never bored in their establishment.

Guests have the opportunity to have fun on the bouncy castles, in the gigantic corn maze, and while riding a miniature train!

And if you’re hungry, you can sample many helpings of kettle corn, corn dogs, and funnel cakes – all characteristic food staples of the Lone Star State!

4. Lone Star Family Farm

Farms in Texas typically have spring and summer blooms or fall blooms to show to the public. However, Lone Star Family Farm proudly has both! 

Just 2 hours away from Dallas, the Lone Star Family Farm boasts many amazing sunflowers no matter the time of year.

They host their wonderful Sunflower Daze festival during June, and then bring our favorite bright flowers back during the fall season! 

Once inside, you have the option to partake in many activities and games. What’s more, Lone Star Family Farm permits their guests to take one sunflower home with them.

So visitors have the opportunity to take a souvenir from their amazing day back home. If you choose to do this, be sure to take care of your sunflower properly! 

If you choose to visit this farm in the fall, you can see many other attractions like the cotton and pumpkin patches and a corn maze spanning 8 acres! 

5. Mainstay Farm Park

If you begin in Fort Worth and travel for 20 minutes, you will stumble upon the gorgeous Mainstay Farm Park. This wonderful farm is a must-see if you ever find yourself in Texas. 

Mainstay Farm Park has been dubbed the “Biggest Backyard In Texas” and once you go there, it won’t be hard to see why.

Mainstay Farm Park is a family-friendly establishment that offers a plethora of outdoor adventures that both kids and adults, and tourists and locals, are sure to enjoy. 

There are over 40 tourist attractions in Mainstay Farm Park, including giant slides, tree houses, live music, and many mazes! You can spend the whole day in Mainstay Farm Park and never want to leave. 

As for the sunflowers, Mainstay features sunflowers that bloom during the fall, so it is best to visit this farm during September or October. 

6. Wild Berry Farm

If you live or are vacationing in Dallas and are in need of a day trip, then you’re in luck! Wild Berry Farm is located an hour’s drive away from this wonderful city, and is the perfect day trip destination!

The best time to visit is June, but you can choose to go to Wild Berry Farm anytime from spring to summer. 

If you’re an aspiring photographer, then this is the perfect sunflower farm for you to visit! Many sunflower farms in the Lone Star State do not permit you to take professional photos of these yellow flowers.

However, at Wild Berry Farms you can take professional shots for just $25! 

Unfortunately, Wild Berry Farm no longer permits guests to pick their own sunflowers. Although, you are permitted to purchase pre-picked sunflowers at the nursery. 

It is good to note that sunflowers aren’t the only attraction here! You can also check out their abundance of berry fields, and even enjoy some farm-to-table eats at their little cafe! 

7. Robinson Family Farm

Robinson Family Farm is a family-run, working farm that takes pride in their many wonderful sunflowers! Here you will find both sunflowers and southern hospitality in abundance. 

Robinson Family Farm hosts a Summer Sunflower Fest every weekend during June, and here you can stroll through the many sunflowers and take in the serenity that surrounds you.

This is the perfect place to be alone with your thoughts and enjoy your own company. 

Then, once you’re done wandering through the fields and are starting to feel peckish, you can grab a snack at a food truck and meet the farm animals that are so friendly and adorable!

Make sure you bring your camera so you have something to remember them by! 

You are not permitted to pick any sunflowers until the last weekend of the festival, and then they cost $3 per flower. What a bargain!

8. Dewberry Farm

Dewberry Farm is 1 hour away from Houston and is truly a sight for sore eyes! During the springtime you will find sunflowers in many different shades, ranging from a gorgeous sun yellow to a deep, dark red. 

Dewberry Farm hosts their own sunflower festival every year. Here, visitors are able to walk the length of the four-acre farm and pick sunflowers at their leisure.

There are over 25 varieties of sunflowers at this farm, so visitors can leave with some seriously beautiful bouquets. 

But that’s not all! Dewberry Farm offers a whole host of activities to do! You can explore classic attractions like the Ferris wheel, a pumpkin patch, and a corn maze.

However, you can also explore various other amazing attractions like a goat hotel to gemstone mining! 

And, when you’re feeling hungry, help yourself to some classic kettle corn, fried Oreos, or a Texas grub barbecue! 

9. Froberg’s Farm

If you’re on a trip to Houston but feel like a day trip that is still close to the city, then you’re in luck!

There is an amazing sunflower farm just 30 minutes away where you can spend a few hours amongst the sunflowers, known as Frober’s Farm. 

Here, visitors can experience an amazon fall festival in September-November, where they have the option to pick pumpkins, go for a tour on a tractor, explore a corn maze, and of course, take plenty of pictures to have memories of their fun-filled adventure!

And, not only are the sunflowers worth visiting, but visitors can also take home plenty of farm-grown produce.

The produce you take home depends on the time of year you go, which means you can take home something different every time you visit! 

10. P-6 Farms

The best time to visit P-6 Farms is during the fall. Located just an hour’s drive from Houston, this amazing sunflower farm makes big promises on a whole host of fall activities perfect for all the family, and boy, do they deliver! 

At this amazing farm, not only can you lose yourself amongst the sunflowers, but you can also go on hayrides, pick pumpkins ready for Halloween, and have fun in a corn maze. 

During the spring, P-6 Farms also host a Bloom & Berries Fest where visitors also have the option to see the sunflowers, pick fresh and juicy blackberries to take home, and take part in a wonderful butterfly release they are sure to remember for years and years to come. 

Visitors are welcome to take their own pictures for social media, but no professional photos are permitted at P-6 Farms! 

11. Wildseed Farms 

Last but not least, we have Wildseed Farms. This is the biggest wildflower farm in the whole of the US.

It spans over 200 acres of land and features many walking trails where you can stretch your legs and marvel at all of the beautiful flowers as they stretch toward the sun.

The farm is open between March and October, but the best time to see the magnificent sunflowers is during the summer.

Not only that, but Wildseed farms also boast fantastic vineyards full of grapes, and here, you can participate in wine tastings. This makes for a perfect day out with friends or a wonderful date with a loved one. 

Wildseed Farms is located just outside of Fredericksburg. So, if you’re on a trip there, make this gorgeous farm the next place to visit. 

When Is The Best Time To Visit These Sunflower Fields And Farms?

You can choose to visit the sunflower fields and farms in Texas no matter the time of year. However, depending on the time of year, you can expect to see other things as well as sunflowers.

For example, in the spring you will have the opportunity to see bluebonnets as well as sunflowers.

And in the summer, you will be treated to warm evenings and golden sunsets that serve as the perfect backdrop for all of your sunflower admiring. 

However, we would argue that the very best time to go and see the sunflowers in Texas is during May and June. In these late spring / early summer months, the sunflowers are at their peak, flourishing in the dry and hot weather. 

So, if you’re planning on visiting Texas at this time of year, you know what should be at the top of your priority list!

Fun Sunflower Facts

Tale As Old As Time (Well, Almost)

Sunflowers are often the subject of many social media posts, but did you know they have actually been popular since before social media, the internet, or even electricity, was invented! 

Sunflowers were first cultivated in North America around 3000 BCE! They eventually spread to Europe, and then Russia in the 1600s. 

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Did you know that the tallest sunflower on record was just over 30 ft? Imagine standing next to that! The gardener responsible for growing this massive plant has broken this world record before.

In fact, it was broken by the same person in 2009, 2012, and 2013! Now that’s dedication to your craft! 

To Infinity And Beyond

Can a plant be more well-traveled than you? Well, in the case of sunflowers, the answer is yes. This is because some sunflowers have actually been to space.

That’s right! Back in 2012, Don Pettit, an astronaut, took a few seeds out to the International Space Station with him and carried out reports on how his garden was growing in space! 

What’s In A Name?

Well, when it comes to sunflowers, a lot! Sunflowers really are flowers that love the sun!

They display a characteristic behavior known as heliotropism, which means they move in the same direction as the sun when the sun moves.

So, they start off facing the east and will gradually move throughout the day just as the earth rotates. 

Final Thoughts 

Texas may be known for its space center, its live music, and its wonderful southern hospitality, but we think it should also be known for its sunflowers! 

The Lone Star State boasts many wonderful sunflower farms where guests can visit and walk among these wonderful plants.

Many of these farms permit photography and some allow you to take your own flowers home.

Most will offer a whole host of other activities and refreshments, so make sure you add it to your list of attractions to see while you’re in Texas

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