18 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Portland For Any Caffeine Lover To Visit

As the largest city in Oregon, Portland is full of many different attractions for people to visit, from the unique local breweries and sailing activities, all the way to historical landmarks including the many bridges and railways which are dotted around the city, there’s never a dull moment when taking a trip down to this large and adventurous city.

Best Coffee Shops In Portland For Any Caffeine Lover To Visit!

The good news is that Portland is also home to some incredible coffee shops that are such a treat to pop into during your visit, allowing you to easily take a break and enjoy a wide array of coffee flavors to keep you going for the day ahead.

With there being so many coffee shops scattered across Portland however, it can be hard knowing which ones are most worth your time and effort, so to make this easier, we have compiled a list of the 18 highest-rated and most beloved coffee shops around Portland that are considered must-visits by the locals.

1. Good Coffee

Location: 1150 SE 12th Ave, Portland

If you love the taste and aroma of locally-brewed coffee, you’re not going to want to miss out on the chance to visit Good Coffee, a small yet modernized cafe who have plenty of experience in the Portland coffee scene and have been professionally brewing for 6 years.

While they serve a wide selection of flavorful coffee options in the store, there are also a few whole-bean coffee select bags that you can take home for yourself if you want to show some of the flavors to friends and family at home.

Some of their most popular servings include the Ethiopia Yukro and the Mexico Santiago Atitlan which both put a little more vibrancy and spice into the drink to make each cup taste as exciting as possible.

2. Pajaro

Location: 1816 SW River Drive, Portland

If you walk across the waterfront in Southwest Portland, you will eventually stumble across Pajaro, a quaint and friendly hole-in-the-wall coffee shop that specializes in serving strong and freshly roasted Mexican coffee, along with all the food you can come to expect including nachos, burritos, and a wide selection of vegan options, ensuring there’s something for everyone to snack on while enjoying a warm beverage.

The dim lights and cozy interior of Pajaro make it the perfect coffee shop to visit as part of a romantic date, or even simply as a local hangout spot for you and your friends to relax in as the day draws to a close.

3. Coava Coffee Roasters

Location: 1300 SE Grand Ave, Portland

Not only does Coava Coffee Roasters serve some of the highest quality specialty coffee in all of Portland which is all freshly roasted and brewed to make each cup as delightful as possible, but they are so confident that you will love the drinks they have to offer that they even host free coffee cuppings, allowing you to taste test their drinks before you even purchase anything.

This was actually one of the coffee shops Jerry Seinfeld visited in his hit show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” where he complimented the wide selection of flavors on show along with the relaxing interior of the shop itself and considering there are four Coava Coffee Roasters spread out across Portland, they are well worth visiting as a way to break up the day.

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Location: 1026 Harvey Milk St, Portland

Since 1999, Stumptown Coffee Roasters has been serving authentic and high-quality coffee to the locals of Portland, along with branching out their stores and drinks to the point where they now have a menu full of unique coffee and food options to choose from.

Some of their most popular servings include their cold brew coffee which can be bought in 3 distinct flavors: original, chocolate, and horchata which is a little more milky and creamy than the other two.

Stumptown is so good at making these cold brews that you are even able to ask the incredibly friendly staff to teach you how to make a perfect cup yourself for when you go home, with every visitor feeling involved and welcomed as soon as they step into this wonderful coffee shop.

5. Albina Press

Location: 4637 Albina Ave, Portland

Kevin Fuller, the owner of the Albina Press coffee shop, is actually very well known in the Portland coffee community for his experience and expertise in brewing, especially when it comes to French press coffee which this cafe specializes in.

Despite being one of the very first coffee shops to open in Portland, Albina Press has made quite the reputation for itself due to the quality of its coffee, a lot of which is made using Coava beans to give each drink a lovely aroma and a delightfully warm and comforting flavor.

The European-style cafe aesthetic makes this coffee shop feel even cozier once you walk in, making it a real challenge to ever want to leave once you settle down with one of their pastries and signature coffees.

6. Upper Left Roasters

Location: 1204 SE Clay Street, Portland

If you’re a fan of mixing your coffee with breakfast to make for a delicious combination that is sure to keep you energized and ready for the day ahead, Upper Left Roasters is the place to be.

Whether you’re in the mood for a large sausage and egg breakfast, or maybe just some avocado toast with a side of radish, you have so many options to choose from depending on your taste preferences.

In terms of their coffee, Upper Left works closely with local farmers to use only the freshest coffee beans to create their drinks, and there’s plenty to choose from including cold brews and cappuccinos, along with more unique flavors such as strawberry and cane sugar.

If you need a little pick-me-up in the morning, Upper Left Roasters has exactly what you need.

7. Ovation Coffee & Tea

Location: 941 NW Overton St, Portland

Many people say that the interior of a coffee shop is just as important as the coffee itself, and the Ovation Coffee shop certainly has a unique design being a modern glass-wall cafe that also offers a wide array of delightful drinks and a few snacks to tuck into.

They primarily specialize in authentic Moroccan-spiced coffee which is known for being moderately spicy and a little bitter in its taste.

Their fresh mint Moroccan tea is one of their most popular drinks for how it effortlessly balances the fresh minty flavor with a slight tanginess to create one of the most refreshing drinks you’ve ever tried.

8. Proud Mary Cafe

Location: 2012 NE Alberta St, Portland

One of the biggest reasons Proud Mary Cafe has made such a name for itself is because of the incredible amount of choice you get depending on how you want your cup of coffee to taste.

Not only do you get a lot of choices regarding the flavor, but you can even choose a specific gradient ranging from mild to deluxe.

Some of their most popular drinks include the delicious Magic Mocha and the slightly zesty Turmeric Chai Latte, however, you also won’t want to miss out on the wide variety of snacks they have to offer including cookies, sandwiches, and muffins.

They even have a few larger and more filling meal options that you can enjoy among a delicious cup of coffee including lamb burgers and ricotta hotcakes, along with plenty of kids meals and smoothies on the menu, making this a suitable coffee shop for the entire family.

9. Deadstock Coffee Roasters

Location: 408 NW Couch Street, Portland

Deadstock Coffee is a vibrant and expressive cafe that is full of character and a real joy to experience for yourself, especially when trying out their fantastic selection of coffee and especially their lavender flavored drinks which are fairly strong but still packed full of a tremendous amount of flavor.

The shop itself has a sneaker aesthetic, making it very stylish with local artwork plastered all over the walls and bright colors around every corner, it’s no surprise that so many locals living around Couch Street frequent this coffee shop as much as they do since it proves that when you combine good coffee with a cool atmosphere, you can’t go far wrong.

10. Prince Coffee

Location: 4523 NE Fremont St, Portland

If you’ve never heard of Dutch coffee, it is a specific brewing method where the ice water is slowly dripped over coffee in order to retain the maximum amount of flavor, and this is a method that Prince Coffee has perfected, with each of their menu options being chock-full of intense and unique flavors that it can make it hard choosing exactly what to order on your first visit.

We would highly recommend the Anijsmelk Latte which is made from a combination of anise syrup and warm milk along with a dash of nutmeg to create a drink that is incredibly creamy in its texture while still having that distinct warm aroma and rich taste that coffee lovers adore so much.

The Stroop Latte is another delightful option that uses caramelized brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon to make each sip more flavorful than the last.

11. Heart Coffee

Location: 1123 SW Washington Street, Portland

There are a few reasons why Heart Coffee is one of the most popular coffee shops in all of Portland, and one of the biggest is because owners Rebekah and Wille Yli-Luoma have ensured to maintain healthy relations with local farmers around Oregon (Also check out Waterfalls In Oregon) to use only the freshest grounded coffee beans to make their drinks.

Since it was opened in 2009, Heart Coffee has had plenty of time to expand its menu and enhance many of its existing coffee options, and this becomes evident as soon as you take a look at its menu which features a nice blend of classic and more unique specialized options.

Many of their seasonal blends have become fan-favorites among visitors such as their 50% Colombia 50% Ethiopia coffee which tastes as delicious as it sounds, or if you simply want to stick with a classic latte or espresso, they are also just as tasty.

12. Nosso Familia Coffee

Location: 1350 Lovejoy St, Portland

While there is a well-known Nosso Familia Coffee shop in Los Angeles, you can also find one hidden away on Lovejoy Street in Portland, and while their classic espressos and lattes are certainly nothing to slouch at, it’s their specialty coffees that are sourced from Brazil, Peru, Guatemala and Nicaragua that has made them so beloved.

The incredibly friendly and helpful staff are also dedicated to making sure you enjoy a drink that is tailored towards your tastebuds, granting you the option to mix and match flavors as you please.

Along with the fantastic selection of specialty coffee, make sure to try their mouthwatering Macchiato which is made from a double shot of espresso and topped off with a dash of foamed milk to make the texture a little creamier while enhancing the overall flavor even more.

13. Keeper Coffee

Location: 4515 SE 41st Ave, Portland

Open from 7 am to 5 pm every day of the week, Keeper Coffee sources all their coffee beans from local farmers in a cooperative and ethical manner, and alongside a fantastic selection of delightful Coava coffee, chai, and matcha, they also serve a few savory snacks in case your stomach starts to grumble after spending an hour or two in this lively coffee shop.

A lot of the money visitors spend in Keeper Coffee actually goes towards ongoing projects that are designed to support undeveloped areas of Portland, so whether you just want to relax with a spiced latte or coffee seasonal blend, or you just want to snack on a quick bacon quiche before you head back out, every purchase goes towards a good cause.

14. Behind The Museum Cafe

Location: 4243 SE Belmont ST Unit 200, Portland

Unique, friendly, and different from any coffee shop you’ve visited before, Behind the Museum Cafe is a Japanese-themed cafe where each staff member is dressed in kimono with other traditional Japanese pieces of clothing and ornaments dotted around the shop, making it very different to many other coffee shops you can find around Portland.

There’s plenty of authentic Japanese food to enjoy including rice balls with seaweed and teriyaki shiitake, alongside a wide variety of Japanese teas and coffee you can try out with your friends, ensuring you’re fully satisfied by the time you leave.

Whether you want to quickly pop into a Behind the Museum Cafe as a pit-stop before you continue on with your day, or you just want to admire the exotic artwork and objects that are on display, this coffee shop is more than worth a visit.

15. Push X Pull

Location: 821 SE Stark Street, Portland

While Push X Pull may have only first opened its doors back in 2018, making it one of the more recent shops to open in Portland, they are known for being one of the most consistent cafes in the area that also offer visitors an incredibly wide selection of coffee bags that they can take back for themselves if they like what they taste in the shop.

The staff at Push X Pull are also dedicated to not only making the best coffee possible for their customers, but also teaching customers how their coffee is actually made, providing full visibility of their roasting process along with brew sampling, giving you an opportunity to go hands-on with professional brewing, ensuring you leave the store with a greater knowledge of how some of the best coffee is actually crafted in the shop.

16. Water Avenue Coffee Company

Location: 1028 SE Water Avenue, Portland

The Water Avenue Coffee shop is known as a “micro-roaster” and is a small chic cafe with a very lively and vibrant atmosphere with virtually any type of coffee you could dream of, whether it’s peppermint mocha or light roast drip coffee with a slightly more fruity taste, the choices really are endless in this popular shop.

Water Avenue is also known for keeping a very close relationship with local farmers and other cafes around the Portland area with whom they conduct a lot of trade which is a big reason they are so well known.

Before you leave, be sure to try out some of their specialties including the light and frosty Wonderful Winter Blend along with the flavorful and rich Guatemala Finca Pachuj.

17. La Perlita

Location: 5620 N Interstate Ave, Portland

Mexican coffee is incredibly unique because of how many ingredients and coffee are mixed into it, granting it a very strong and potent flavor that is paired elegantly with a sensational aroma to make each cup even better than the last, and if it’s Mexican style coffee you’re looking for, La Perlita makes some of the best around with only the finest ingredients used in the brewing process.

Not only is their actual drink menu incredibly expansive and full of unique choices to choose from that all incorporate the freshly roasted cinnamon, chocolate, and spices that Mexican coffee is so well known for, but they also offer visitors a good selection of Mexican chorizo, quesadillas, and empanadas.

There is even a pastry section of the menu where you can try out some delightful donuts, cakes, and crumbles, giving you an incredible variety of snacks to enjoy, making this the perfect pit stop after a long day.

18. Never Coffee Lab

Location: 4243 SE Belmont St, Portland

Herbs and cocoa are the name of the game when it comes to Never Coffee Lab who use different variations of it in essentially all of their coffee and tea, giving each one a very refreshing and light flavor that is a sheer delight to sip on when you’re just getting your day started.

While their classic espresso is one of the best in all of Portland, you won’t want to miss out on their fantastic speciality coffee drinks including their signature turmeric-ginger syrup latte which is as creamy as it is delicious, and the Scandinavian black licorice latte which is dark, rich, and very addictive once you take that first sip.

Another fan-favorite from the Never Coffee Lab is the Rich Kid Latte which mixes rosewater and saffron cardamom to create an explosion of luxurious flavor that really can’t be compared to any other coffee, and this is the case with a lot of their signature drinks.


Whether you just want to relax with a few friends to break up the day, or you’re on the hunt for a unique coffee flavor that is unique to the city of Portland, there are so many wonderful coffee shops across the city ranging from the big and bombastic to the small and cozy that are considered must-visits for all those coffee lovers out there.

Alex Kallen
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