The 10 Wonderfully European Style Cities In The US

If you are not aware of the history, back in the late 1500s, plenty of colonists from Europe came to America and this led to the country becoming what it is today, and of course this is part of the reason why America has such a diverse culture.

The 10 Wonderfully European Style Cities In The US

When these colonists were coming to the New World, they retained a lot of their cultural roots, and this can be recognized easily in the structures they built and the style of the architecture. 

Within some of these European style cities in American, you can recognize their unique building designs and distinct gardens.

If you walk through these cities, you can feel almost like you are not actually in America, and are transported to where the colonists originated from.

This can be an interesting experience whether you are visiting America from Europe yourself, or if you are an American and want to experience something that feels a bit more foreign.

Because of the unique experience you can get when you are visiting these cities, we have gathered 10 of the most European feeling cities in America.

These are great cities to visit whether you are an international or a domestic tourist as they give a unique blend of cultures, and often have a rich cultural history.

So, if visiting one of these cities sounds like something you will want to do, or if you just want to visit one, keep reading to get our insight!

1. Boston – Massachusetts

If you did not know, Boston is actually where the American Revolution was born, and because of this the city has an incredibly strong culture and history.

People who originate from Boston are fiercely loyal to their origins, and people who end up moving there grow to love the unique experience of living in such a beautiful city.

There are historical buildings that tower up, and the college campuses are sprawling throughout the city. This city is also home to some sports teams that are nationally celebrated.

All of this unique culture leads to Boston having a unique atmosphere that we can compare to Europe.

There is the 2.5 mile long Freedom Trail that is ingrained with proud history, and on this walk you can see plenty of sights like Faneuil Hall, King’s Chapel, as well as Bunker Hill.

We also recommend travelling to North End which is also known as the Little Italy of Boston, so if you want to taste some delicious Italian pastries and go to some of the best coffeehouses in the country, this is a strong recommendation!

If you want to feel the colonial roots of Boston, we also recommend spending more time at Beacon Hill that has some stunning gas lit lanterns as well as rowhouses.

2. Washington, D.C.

This city was actually designed by Pierre Charles L’Enfant who was a French architect and Engineer.

This is a powerful feeling city that does not have many modern features like skyscrapers or much modern infrastructure making it give a strong historical feeling.

You instead get a pretty low skyline with buildings that have stunning gardens. There are some amazing domes on the buildings and plenty of monuments that are worth visiting.

So, if you are wanting to find buildings in America that have a more European feel, this should be at the top of your list.

Part of the reason we think the countries capital is one of the best if you want to visit somewhere European feeling is because of how much the city pays homage to its history.

If you want to appreciate some stunning features, we recommend going to Union Station with its amazing marble corridors, columns and sculptures.

You of course have to go to the Lincoln Memorial, there is also the National Mall, as well as the National Cathedral that have strong Medieval and Gothic influences.

3. Leavenworth – Washington

Looking at another stunning European feeling city in Washington (Also check out Things To Do In Bellevue) is Leavenworth that was built by the European settlers in the earlier years of the 1900s.

It started as a timber community and eventually redesigned itself in the 60s to become a Bavarian community.

This is where you will find one of the biggest Oktoberfest celebrations in the country, and there is also an amazing Christmas celebration in this city every year. All of these features lead to Leavenworth having an amazing European atmosphere.

The city is found in the Cascade mountain and its German inspiration is clear giving this city a magical foreign feeling at any time of the year.

However, we would recommend that if you decide to some in the summer, that you try out the paddleboarding by the local river, or if you are a beer fan, going to the Blewett Brewing Company.

But, if you come in the colder months, there are plenty of skiing opportunities about, as well as a festive Gingerbread factory.

4. Solvang – California

Now, if you are in California, then we have to recommend visiting Solvang if you are close to it. This city boasts some charming boutiques, as well as windmills all about.

There are also some lovely smaller hotels, all of these features show of the Danish influence in this city.

The city was actually originally founded by the Spanish, however, since then the city became populated by Danish American settlers who made the city their home.

A feature of the Danish communities that moved to this city is the Lutheran church that was built which became the center of the community throughout the 1900s.

This led to Danish culture becoming incredibly important to Solvang. If you are visiting we recommend going to the museum that celebrates Hans Christian Anderson and memorializes stories like The Little Mermaid and The Snow Queen.

5. St. Augustine – Florida

This beautiful city in Florida has some stunning colorful buildings as well as a historical Spanish fort, on top of this, if you are lucky and have good timing you can also see some amazing fountain showcases.

It is clear when visiting St. Augustine that the city has a strong history and culture, and exploring this when visiting is an amazing experience.

The city was founded in 1565 having an extended history and its history has switched between strong French and Spanish influences.

The city also has the title of the oldest city that has been continuously inhabited in the whole of the United States. If you are visiting, we recommend looking at the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, as well as the Cathedral Basilica.

6. Frankenmuth – Michigan

This town can is often called the Little Bavaria of Michigan, and it can be seen as one of the most European cities in the country.

The city was established in 1845, unsurprisingly by a Bavarian mission colony by the Lutherans and this has given this town a strong sense of tradition.

We also strongly recommend going during the festive season, even though the spirit is present year round. This city is home to the largest Christmas store in the world.

There are also some amazing Oktoberfest celebrations here as well. We also recommend you ride on one of the fun riverboats as well!

7. New Orleans – Louisiana

When it comes to cities in America that have a strong European influence, it is very difficult to overlook New Orleans.

This city has a very strong Spanish and French history and all of this is mixed with the strong Southern charm that comes with this town being located in Louisiana.

If you do not have much time when visiting, then we recommend prioritizing a trip to the French Quarter.

This neighborhood was originally called the Le Vieuz Quartier and it features some amazing live music, and some of the most authentic delicacies you can find in the state.

There is also some stunning European style architecture. We also recommend if you have more time indulging in some Creole classic foods like Gumbo, or some yummy beignets.

8. Montpelier – Vermont

While this is quite a small city being the smallest of the state capitals in the country, this should not discourage you from ever visiting Montpelier in Vermont.

This city has some strong charm and the beautiful hillsides and unique architecture make this a picturesque city to visit. The atmosphere here is distinct of the New England region of the country, and this contributes to the strong European feeling of the city.

The city also has some pretty traditional architecture in a European style, and there are frequent farmer’s markets, as well as some relaxing cafés.

9. Charleston – South Carolina

This city originated in the 1600s and it has one of the most European feelings in the country. It is a hub for weddings and bridal showers. So if you want to feel the romantic side of European culture, then we recommend coming here!

There are some stunning cobblestone streets, and each one has numerous cafés and boutiques as well as some amazing galleries. There is some strong warm Mediterranean energy here that is combined with the distinct Southern charm.

This is an amazing place to visit with a loved one with some historic buildings to visit, as well as some authentic pizzerias.

10. New Glarus – Wisconsin

Our final entry on this list is New Glarus that was originally established as a colony from the Swiss back in 1845 and it then developed into a small charming village.

However, since then it has grown and grown until it has become a much bigger community and is seen as a mini version of Switzerland in America.

There is an area within this city that is only 14 buildings but has a stunning historical feeling with a shop, a blacksmith, a sausage shop, as well as a firehouse and more.

There is plenty here for tourists to appreciate and if you are in Wisconsin, this is somewhere you cannot miss (Also check out Waterfalls In Wisconsin). It also has one of the best breweries in the area, as well as a stunning vineyard.


So, hopefully this list has given you some guidance on what are the best cities in the country with a strong European feeling.

A lot of these countries have influences from different parts of Europe, so even though some might feel similar, they are all distinct from each other!

Alex Kallen
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