26 Fantastic Vacation Destinations In The US: Best Places To Visit In May

I don’t know about you, but for me, May is one of the best months of the year. The weather is becoming more and more beautiful every day at this time of year, and the cities and towns are starting to come alive.

26 Fantastic Vacation Destinations In May In The US

Not to mention, the spring weather has really brought the bright and colorful flowers out! Traveling in the month of May is fantastic in many different places across the United States.

It is a beautiful time for a vacation. However, there are some places that are even more beautiful than others at this time of year. Whether you’re looking to head off on a road trip or hit the beaches, there is something for everyone in the United States in May.

Let’s dive into the top 26 places to visit in May in the USA (see also “Top 25 Tourist Attractions In The USA”)! Whichever vacation you choose, you will have an amazing holiday during the month of May!

1. Joshua Tree National Park, California

This National Park, located in California, is an incredible place to visit during the month of May. This park is located in the desert, so it has a very hot climate.

During the height of summer, this can mean that the climate is quite unbearable, meaning you are not always able to take part in the outdoor activities that the park has to offer.

In May, the weather is much more bearable, with cooler temperatures meaning that you can enjoy camping and hiking much more. As well as this, the crowds in this National Park are much smaller during the month of May, as it usually is much busier in the fall.

This National Park is absolutely breathtaking. It is located in the quiet desert, and it looks very alien in its terrain. It spans the Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert, so if you drive through the park, you will see two different landscapes.

The Mojave Desert is located in the North of the park, and in this desert you will find the Joshua Tree. The Joshua Tree is a famous yucca plant which is very tall. The landscape in this area is beautiful and it is very popular among photographers.

The Colorado Desert is slightly hotter and trees like the Joshua tree will not grow there. Instead, you will find a lot of ocotillo cactus. If you choose to, you can hike between both of these deserts in one trip, as they are fairly close together.

Hiking is the most common thing to do in this National Park, and it is very comfortable to do so during the spring months. In May, the weather in this area is beautiful. It is 85 degrees Fahrenheit on average, with no rain.

2. Disney World, Florida

Another amazing place to visit in May in the USA is Disney World in Florida. You really can’t go wrong with Disney World, as it is the most magical place in the World!

At Disney World, you will have the chance to enjoy some amazing rides, shows, attractions and events that the whole family will absolutely love. May is a fantastic time to visit Disney World as it is in the middle of the festivities that involve the springtime. You can enjoy the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival at this time of year.

This contains amazing sculptures of your favorite disney characters! As well as this, the temperature at this time of the year is very manageable, making it much easier to stroll around the park without getting overheated.

The park is also a lot quieter at this time of year in comparison to the height of summer.

t this time, school children nationally and internationally all descend on Disney World, and you will find that the queues for the rides can get very long. In May, these queues are a lot shorter.

In May, the weather ranges from 69.4 degrees fahrenheit (20.78 degrees celsius) to 86.2 degrees fahrenheit (30.11 degrees celsius). This is much more manageable than the temperatures during the summer.

3. Holland, Michigan

If you’re looking for a small city break, Holland in Michigan is a perfect place to visit in May. It is a lovely temperature in this city in May and the average temperature is around 58 degrees fahrenheit every day. This city is beautiful in May because of the Tulip Time Festival.

This festival has been happening for many years, and it is definitely a visit. In May, there are many other things that you can do in Holland, including a visit to Windmill Island Gardens and Windmill Island where you can go on a Dutch village tour.

Holland is beautiful at this time of year and it is very temperate. The average temperature is around 54 degrees Fahrenheit. You will get some rain during this time, too, which makes the flowers come out.

4. Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful city to visit in May in the United States. During this time, the crowds of tourists are much lower, so you can enjoy the fantastic sites without having to queue for too long. Between June and August, Chicago is very busy as most tourists will visit at this time.

Chicago has quite long winters, and in May the city begins to come alive again. Lots of restaurants reopen, and certain street festivals begin to take place.

There are around 20 street festivals that occur throughout Chicago in May, and each of these festivals occurs in a different part of the city. They are themed differently depending on the area.

Some examples of these festivals include the Music Fest in Lakeview, and the Beer Classic at Soldier Field. Between May and November, there is an amazing firework display that occurs over Lake Michigan.

This happens twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Chicago really is the place to be in May! There are also lots of great opportunities for outdoor dining in Chicago, and these all open up in May.

There is so much to do in the great city, and you won’t be disappointed! Temperatures in Chicago in May are very temperate. They range from 65 degrees fahrenheit to 75 degrees fahrenheit. In general, the weather is bright, although you will experience some rain.

5. Zion National Park, Utah

This National Park is a great place to visit in May. This is because the days are much cooler at this time of year, making it much easier to hike during the day. As well as this, Zion can get very overcrowded during the summer months.

If you head over to the National Park in May, then you are much less likely to have to wait for too long to get on the most popular trails. The Angel’s Landing trail is one of the most popular in Utah, and during the month of May, you won’t have to wait too long to get on it.

Zion is perfect for hiking. If you want to see all of the scenery, you can take a free shuttle that runs the entire length of the canyon. At the end of this trail, you will find the start to Narrows trail.

This is one of the most famous hikes in the country, involving hiking in a river. It is absolutely beautiful in May, and you won’t get overheated during the walk.

You can also experience canyoneering in Zion, so if you’re feeling adventurous, then this is the perfect vacation for you! During May, the average high temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit in Zion. It hardly ever rains in May making it a great time to visit the National Park.

6. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a great place to visit all year round, but in the month of May, it is especially nice. If you visit LA in May, you will find that you have avoided the summer crowds. You will have the chance to enjoy the city without there being too many crowds and too much traffic.

The temperature in LA in May is very temperate, with the temperatures ranging from 56.3 degrees Fahrenheit to 72.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that you will have the opportunity to take part in activities like heading to the beach and the pier in Santa Monica, without it being too hot. 

In May, you will also have the chance to go whale watching off the shores of LA as they are usually around at this time of year. In May, you will see very temperate weather in LA, ranging from 56 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that it is neither too hot nor too cold at this time.

7. Monterey, California

One of the best places to visit in May in the USA is Monterey, California. The average temperature in this city is around 57 degrees fahrenheit in May. You won’t get much rain during this time, either.

In Monterey, you should enjoy the seafood, as this is something that is famous in the area. You will also have the chance to enjoy the 17 Mile Drive, and visit the Point Lobos State Nature Reserve.

This is a great place to visit in May because it is home to the Annual Carmel Art Festival which occurs during this month. This is a great festival that allows local artists to flourish and be supported.

If you are looking for a vacation that includes a road trip, then this is a great place to start. In Monterey, you can start your Big Sur road trip.

8. Monument Valley, Arizona

Monument Valley is a great place to visit in the US in May. This is a very famous site in America, and you will have seen it featured in lots of different movies.

Visiting this area in May is a great idea because the temperatures are manageable, at 66 degrees Fahrenheit. This is located in Arizona in the desert on Navajo Land.

The best way to get to this location is by heading out on a road trip, so this could be a great vacation for you if a road trip sounds appealing! You can stop off at Forrest Gump Point when you visit this area, as there are some artifacts that have been left there!

9. New Orleans, Louisiana

Another great place to visit in the United States in May is New Orleans, Louisiana. If you want to experience a vacation down South, then this is perfect for you! During May, you will find that New Orleans is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

This weather is very manageable compared to the temperatures in this area during the Summer months. New Orleans is a great place to visit in May because of the Bayou Boogaloo festival that takes place during this month.

It is a family friendly event which involves live music and food. As well as this, you are likely to have the chance to experience the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival last weekend if you visit in May.

10. Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu in Hawaii is a great place to visit in May. There are many different places to visit in Oahu, including Haleiwa. This is a beach park that is perfect in the Spring. The beaches are not crowded, allowing for a lot of swimming and surfing opportunities.

Haleiwa Town is also beautiful in May, as the weather is just right for exploring the local area. There are lots of galleries, shops and restaurants in the town, as well as some historical landmarks.

In May, the weather is beautiful, but it is not too hot. It is just before the height of the tourist season begins, so you will get much cheaper prices in hotels and airfare. You will also get lots of the beautiful beaches to yourself!

May is also a great time to visit Hawaii because it is the month where Lei day occurs, the statewide cultural celebration. This celebration is very important to Hawaiian people, and it is a great thing to be a part of and experience.

During this festival, leis are sold and worn in order to honor ancestors and loved ones.

11. New York City

The spring is a perfect time to visit New York City. It is sunny, yet mild, meaning you will be able to see lots of different sites very comfortably!  During May, there are many walking tours available throughout the city.

You will be able to see many different landmarks, including the Empire State Building and New York Public Library.

If you visit New York in May you will have a high chance of getting some clear views if you head up to the top of the Empire State Building to look out over the city skyline. There are also many great rooftop bars for you to try out while you are in the big apple!

In May, the weather in New York is bright and warm, but it is not too hot. This means that you can enjoy some walks around the city without overheating. New York is a great place to visit in May!

12. Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky is a great place to travel in the United States for families who love snowboarding and skiing! This is typically a destination for winter sports, and it is beautiful during May. At this time of year, it is the off season between the winter and the summer.

It is great for those who love mountain biking, as there are some of the best mountain bike trails in the United States. At this time of year, you will find wildflowers in bloom across the mountains, and there are beautiful wildlife to be seen.

You won’t find huge amounts of snow at this time of year, but you can find some. When you do, some skiing can also be enjoyed in Montana. It is a very varied place to visit in May for the adventurous type!

13. Salt Lake City

There is a huge list of great things to do in Salt Lake City in May. You can take part in lots of the great lake activities in Great Salt Lake. It is a great time of year to head over to Salt Lake City as you don’t have to worry about there being huge amounts of tourists around.

You can also hit the slopes at this time of year, and head to some of the city’s best ski resorts. During this time, you will experience some of the most pleasant temperatures.

It is usually around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning it is easy to explore the area without being too hot. At this time of year, you also have the chance to enjoy the Living Traditions Festival.

It occurs in May and celebrates the number of different communities that treat Salt Lake City as a home.

14. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a great place to visit in May. You will see a lot of amazing wildlife during spring, and you will be able to enjoy several different snow-free trails. You will also be able to see the amazing rivers and waterfalls that shouldn’t be missed!

Spring is considered the best time to visit this national park. The snow will have started to melt on some trails, and, while they will still be wet, you will be able to walk them.

You can also enjoy biking through the Yosemite Valley in May, as the snow will have completely melted there. At this time of year, you will see the rivers and waterfalls unfreeze, and you will be able to start seeing them flow again in May.

Consider going to visit Yosemite Falls as it is the tallest waterfall in the National Park.

15. Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park, Colorado

The Black Canyon located in the Gunnison National Park is a very beautiful part of Colorado. It is a beautiful place to visit in May, and a great place to head to on a road trip. This canyon is very steep and impressive, with incredible views from the top of the canyon.

This canyon is named after the dark shadows that are seen on the cliffs which make the canyon appear black. It is a very steep canyon, and the steepest point, at Chasm View, the river drops at 240 feet per mile.

May is a great month to visit the canyon because both sides of the canyon are open to visitors. The North Rim is closed between mid-October and mid-April. In May you will experience perfect weather for hiking, camping and exploring the canyon.

In June, it will become very hot in the canyon, so it is best to visit before this happens. Head up to the most impressive viewing point at Exclamation Point while you’re there!

The weather is around 73 degrees fahrenheit at its high during this time of year, and you will experience excellent visibility.

16. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is located in South Carolina and it is a great place to visit in May. At this beach, you can enjoy the fantastic nightlife and sunbathe on the beautiful beaches.

There is also the opportunity to take part in family friendly activities and eat the amazing seafood that is local to the area. If you are looking for a beach holiday with beautiful weather, then this is definitely the place for you in May.

As it is not in the peak of the season, you won’t be overwhelmed with crowds. Most of the hotels are within walking distance of the beautiful beaches. You may also enjoy visiting Brookgreen Gardens, 9100 acres of colorful flowers.

There is a great opportunity for shopping and dining in Myrtle beach, so you really won’t get bored! There is lots to do in Myrtle Beach in May if you are looking for a beach vacation.

17. Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a fantastic destination in May in the United States. It is an amazing site, where you can really get to grips with the power of nature. The Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders of the world.

It is absolutely breathtaking. You should spend a day driving along the South Rim of the canyon which has 25 miles of scenic views. It is also a good idea to head off for some hikes in the Grand Canyon, as you will have the chance to explore the area in more detail.

Visiting the Grand Canyon in May is fantastic as the temperatures are very comfortable, and there are not so many tourists in the area. It will mean that you can comfortably hike some of the trails in the park without experiencing any of the summer heat.

18. Charlotte, North Carolina

If you’re looking for a more laid back vacation, then a visit to Charlotte in North Carolina could be perfect for you! During the month of May, the temperature is perfect, with average temperatures of around 69 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are lots of great activities to take part in in Charlotte in May, including farmers markets, baseball games and lots more! If you want to take part in the City Walk, you should head over to Charlotte in May.

The city is very quiet, with beautiful weather, during this time. This makes it a great place to visit.

19. Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is a great place to visit in May in the US (Also check out Waterfalls In Wisconsin). The temperatures are very nice during this time, and you will have the chance to visit some of the best attractions in Wisconsin Dells’ without the tourists descending.

There are so many different things to do in Wisconsin Dells that are suitable for the whole family. You can enjoy horseback riding, ziplining and water slides at the Chula Vista Resort.

Most people visit this area in the summer months, so just outside of the season you will be able to enjoy the usual tourist attractions while also enjoying the quiet.

20. Portland, Maine

If you are looking for a great place to go on vacation in the US in May, Portland, Maine is perfect! It is a great place to go for a spring holiday as you can enjoy the rocky coastline, craft beer and seafood.

Portland is a very popular summer destination, as it has many beautiful beaches. Visiting just before the season is a great idea because you get to explore the area without an influx of tourists trying to do the same.

If you are a beer lover, then you will definitely want to explore the craft brewery scene. There are many different local breweries that you should visit. You will also have the chance to go whale watching or lobster catching off the coast.

21. San Diego, California

San Diego is a perfect place to visit in May in the US. It is not too hot, and the summer crowds will not yet have descended on the city. You will be able to visit San Diego Zoo, and see some of the exhibits.

You will also have the chance to explore some of the fantastic shops and restaurants in the area. In May, the Cinco De Mayo festival will happen in the Old Town.

It is a very fun event that the whole family will enjoy. You will also have the opportunity to try out some delicious Mexican foods.

22. Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

In May, you will find that the Voyageurs National Park has thawed from the very cold winter. This makes it the perfect place to go if you are looking for green landscapes and lovely temperatures.

It is a lovely time of year to head out on a boat and look back at the beautiful scenery from there. You may even spot one of the bald eagles who nest in the area every year!

In May, you can also start to enjoy fishing on the water. If you love to fish, this is a great place to head in May. You can also enjoy some of the beautiful trails on land which will be much quieter at this time of the year.

23. Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke is a beautiful area of Virginia. It is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it is a beautiful place to visit in May. The scenic views are amazing in this area, and in the Spring you will find some wonderful wildflowers are beginning to bloom.

If you are staying in the area, you should plan a hike up to Mill Mountain Star. This is the largest manmade star that is over 100 feet tall. It overlooks the Roanoke Valley and has been standing in that spot since 1949.

In the spring, music lovers head down to the Festival in the Park. It takes place in Elmwood park and is home to music, crafts and food.

24. Great Basin National Park, Nevada

This National Park is a great place to visit in May in the US. It is a great time to hike around the national park as the weather is not too hot. If you visit Nevada, you should explore the Lehman Caves where you can take a close look at the fantastic rock formations.

You can also explore a lot of the rugged terrain in this area, as you can hike over the base of a glacier, among other amazing things! If you’re looking for a challenge, you can attempt to climb up Wheeler Peak. This is the second tallest peak in Nevada and is definitely worth a try!

25. Anna Maria Island, Florida

This island is on the Western side of the Gulf Coast in Florida. It is a great place to visit in May as it offers a very delightful little town with beautiful beaches and lovely attractions.

It can be visited all year round, but it is exceptionally beautiful in May. You will have very pleasant weather, alongside smaller crowds as it is out of season.

26. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C is a great place to visit in the US in springtime. It is a perfect chance to explore the city without the summer heat and the tourists.

In May, you will see lots of events occurring because it is International Cultural Awareness month in Washington. There are many different museums to visit in Washington, so it is a great place to visit for a vacation!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best place to go on vacation in May in the United States, then you’ve come to the right place! This list has explored the best options for your vacation in May.

Whether you like heading to the countryside to explore, or visiting cities with lots of history, there is something on this list for everyone!

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