10 Of The Most Beautiful & Best Lakes In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania may be most well known for its incredibly important role within American history and hailed as the birthplace of American democracy.

10 Of The Most Beautiful & Best Lakes In Pennsylvania

However, it is also the home to many beautiful natural attractions that are a must-see for anyone visiting the state, including its wide variety of lakes. 

Whether it’s a peaceful and calm pool of water that you can gaze at while feeding some of the nearby ducks and birds, or somewhere you can get involved in some water sports and boat rides, there are so many fantastic lakes in Pennsylvania that you are guaranteed to find one that suits your preferences. 

Here are 10 of the best and most beautiful lakes in Pennsylvania that you need to see for yourself the next time you’re in this beautiful state. 

1. Arrowhead Lake – Pocono Mountains

Arrowhead Lake is considered a hidden gem by many people who have gone hiking around the Pocono Mountains with its multi-colored trees surrounding the outside of the lake and plenty of ducks that will calmly make their way across the crystal clear waters. 

This cozy and quaint mountain paradise may be most beloved for its outstanding natural beauty, however, there are also plenty of recreational activities you can get involved with including boating and fishing, and considering this lake is a lot more hidden away than many in Pennsylvania, it makes this an incredibly calming destination to visit when you want to relax near some calm waters. 

2. Lake Harmony – Lake Harmony Town

The town of Lake Harmony surrounding the Pocono Mountains is also the home to one of the most dazzling and downright beautiful lakes in all of Pennsylvania, stretching 2.5 miles long with a beach near its end which many people can be seen relaxing on or even taking a boat or jet ski out for a ride across the glistening waters. 

Because the lake itself is also just a few steps away from the town itself which is full of bars, restaurants, and fishing shops in case you want to try reeling in some bass and trout for yourself, it also means you won’t be far from other people and can quickly grab a bite to eat whenever you start to hear your stomach grumbling. 

Lake Harmony is the perfect place to visit if you’re thinking about going for a family day trip since there aren’t too many people around, making it peaceful but with plenty of activities in the nearby town to also enjoy. 

3. Edinboro Lake – Erie County

If you’re looking for a lake that has a huge variety of fish, whether it’s for fishing or just to spot some unique animals swimming around in the waters, you’re going to want to pay a visit to Edinboro Lake located in Erie County which is home to a wide range of different crappie, musky, panfish, and bass of all different colors and sizes. 

This lake is admittedly a little smaller than many of the lakes found in Pennsylvania, however, this only helps to make it even more peaceful, and with a whole range of bars, parks, and playgrounds surrounding it, you can be sure none of the family will be bored when paying a visit. 

If you’re looking for some grub while admiring the lake, we would highly recommend the Sunset Grill which is right next to the lake and serves up some delicious meat-based meals to enjoy while looking out across the lake. 

4. Glendale Lake – Prince Gallitzin State Park

If you’re more of a sports person and want a wide stretch of water where you can enjoy some pontoons, kayaking, canoeing, or small-boat fishing, Glendale Lake in Prince Gallitzin State Park is full of activities to participate in, whether you want to ride solo, or even meet a few new friends while on your visit. 

The lake stretches 1,635 acres long and is actually man-made, despite how natural it looks in its formation. There are plenty of campsite areas surrounding the lake too, giving it a good balance between being lively and busy in the daytime, before settling down and becoming much calmer when the sun starts to set. 

5. Gouldsboro Lake – Gouldsboro State Park

Gouldsboro Lake is one of the cleanest and well maintained man-made lakes in all of Pennsylvania, which has made the 250-acre long stretch of water perfect for fishing, boating, and swimming when the weather allows it. 

Despite how much people love getting stuck into activities here, the lake is still wide enough so that every person gets their own space, and if you do want a change of pace.

There are plenty of hiking and bike trails in the surrounding area that you can enjoy, along with some very unique plants and animals you can spot with five different plant species around the lake even being listed by the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program. 

6. Lake Naomi – Pocono Pines

While Lake Naomi in the Poconos Pines is undoubtedly a marvel to look at and admire on its own, it is also surrounded by an extraordinary amount of gyms, restaurants, bars, and even pools that you can take a visit to and relax in, making it easy to take some time to relax and admire the serene lake before then choosing how you want to spend the rest of your day. 

The people who live around Lake Naomi are incredibly friendly and helpful to all visitors, to the point where Lake Naomi was voted as one of the “Best Residential and Recreational Communities in America” so you can be sure you’ll have made a few friends by the time that you leave. 

7. Fairview Lake – Palmyra Township

You’re not going to find many lakes that are as ideal for fishing in Pennsylvania, or even in the US quite like Fairview Lake with some of the most popular catches including largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, chain pickerel, and even walleye. 

The beauty of this lake is it only stretches 169 acres, and because of its unique geological formation, the depth of the water can shrink as small as 3 feet, meaning it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced fisher, you are guaranteed to catch some unique fish either way. 

8. Lake Wallenpaupack – Paupack Township

Lake Wallenpaupack is a huge reservoir that is actually the second-largest lake contained entirely in Pennsylvania.

While there are many swimmers and anglers who will visit this lake in the summertime when the water is at its calmest and the temperatures are high, there are also many people who simply visit this lake to admire its astonishing beauty and for its place in history. 

After all, the lake was first built back in 1927 in order to make use of hydroelectric power, which for many people has made it somewhat of a historical relic that has barely been touched or altered since it was first made. 

9. Beltzville Lake – Lehighton

There’s nothing quite like gazing out at the boats sailing across a calm lake while relaxing on a beach, and if this sounds like the perfect getaway for you and your family or friends, Beltzville Lake features a 525-foot beach that is open to the public between the months of May and September with plenty of food stalls, hike trails, and even a bathhouse surrounding the beach to make sure you’re as comfortable as can be. 

The lake itself is also nothing short of jaw-dropping, especially the backdrop of lush green trees that stretch up the Pocono Mountains and tower over the waters, making for some picture-worthy scenery. 

If you like the sound of a vibrant beach being paired with a quaint and glistening lake, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to visit Beltzville Lake when summer rolls around. 

10. Blue Marsh Lake – Leesport

If you want to visit a lake and see what sort of activities you get up to once you’re actually there, Blue Marsh Lake is full of many options on how you can spend your time.

Whether it’s fishing for some large or small mouth bass, watching the many types of birds soar across the bright blue sky, or even testing out the small beach, it’s never too late to take a spontaneous trip down to Blue Marsh Lake. 

This lake is also incredibly unique since it is actually an artificial lake that is managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers which can lead to some great conversations with the locals about the history of the lake and how the government handles its conservation and popularity now that more people are visiting it. 


The gorgeous state of Pennsylvania is home to a wide variety of lakes for you to visit, whether you want to go boat fishing, relax on the beach, or even just admire the natural beauty, there are so many lakes in Pennsylvania all with their own unique traits and features that make each of them stand out from the rest. 

Alex Kallen
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