10 Of The Tallest Statues In The USA

America is home to some beautiful and breathtaking sights. Not only does this include natural landscapes, but also some man made structures including skyscrapers and indeed, statues.

Tallest Statues In The USA

The thing is, with so many striking statues in the country, you might not be aware of which ones are the tallest and indeed, which ones are the most striking to see.

Luckily though, we’ve written this handy guide that shows you the ten highest and most striking statues in the United States, along with some other handy pieces of information.

So, if you’re looking to learn a lot more – then read on with us and discover the answers!

1. The Statue Of Liberty

It’s not possible to have a list of tall and striking statues in the United States without talking about Lady Liberty.

With its imposing and awe inspiring height and design, it reminds all Americans and tourists alike about what the country stands for.

Freedom, liberty and democracy are all at the heart of this structure – which stands at a very impressive 152 feet high!

Despite the fact that the statue was originally a gift from the French, it is iconic to American culture, national identity and history.

It’s situated in the state of New York, just off the mainland. Many tourists and budding new American residents will see this statue initially when they enter the lands – once again giving them the metaphorical answer of what it means to be in the country.

2. Christ Of The Ozarks, Arkansas

Resembling the statue of Christ The Redeemer found in Brazil, this statue of Jesus Christ is the third tallest of its kind in the world at an impressive 67 feet but atop of a 1,500 foot mountain.

It’s visually striking and the original design was set to have lights but this was stopped under law. Frankly, this was probably for the best based on its height and general aesthetic!

3. Our Lady Of The Rockies, Montana

Keeping with the religious structures, this statue of the virgin Mary can be found in Butte, Montana within the continental divide and it stands at a massive 90 feet high – and it weighs a staggering 80 tons!

This particular statue is illuminated during the night time and it’s so beautiful to see in the night sky, from any area around where you can catch a glimpse of it.

4. Lux Mundi, Ohio

This is another religious statue, but this one is of Jesus Christ once again and is the second tallest statue of Jesus in America.

It can be found at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio and despite having a much longer history, it was rebuilt due to lightning damage in 2010.

It stands at 52 feet and while it is visually striking alone, it’s the surroundings that makes it so beautiful to see. Indeed, the general landscape is reminiscent of ancient Greece and lies in a peaceful area of the country.

5. Lucy The Elephant, New Jersey

Moving onto something different now, a large statue of Lucy The Elephant can be found in the city of Margate in New Jersey.

It’s 90 tons in weight and stands over 6 stories tall – so it’s pretty difficult to miss if you’re in the city.

As you can likely guess, it’s the tallest statue of an elephant in the world and was once, bizarrely someone’s vacation home!

6. Hiawatha, Michigan

Moving onto the tallest Native American statue in the world, this awe inspiring statue is measured at 52 feet high and is estimated to weigh about 16,000 pounds, primarily of fiberglass.

Originally it was constructed in 1964 and was eventually renovated 40 years later, which came with a huge festival to celebrate the tribe’s culture and traditions.

7. Vulcan Statue, Alabama

This 56 feet tall statue of a vulcan might seem a little odd if you’re driving down the roads of Birmingham, Alabama.

However, the statue is a well respected and well loved state landmark which is said to symbolize strength of the nearby iron industry.

In fact, it’s the largest cast iron statue in the United States and the surrounding area is extremely peaceful and natural, with beautiful trees and gorgeous landscapes.

Indeed, if you find yourself near Birmingham, Alabama – make sure you take the time to stop by Valley View Drive where you can find this beautiful, breathtaking statue.

8. Giant Giraffe, Texas

If you’re traveling near Dallas, Texas, then you should certainly take a trip and see this huge giraffe statue.

This is actually the tallest statue in Texas and considering it stands at 67 feet tall – it’s probably of no surprise, but they only reached it at the end.

During construction, they needed something to get to the milestone and therefore decided to add a long tongue with a blade of grass, finally getting where they needed to be.

You can find this huge giraffe in Dallas Zoo in Dallas, Texas and if you do, you should definitely get some great shots to take home with you!

9. The Golden Driller, Oklahoma

This brass statue (despite the name!) stands at a huge 40 feet tall and it represents how Americans sought after black gold (oil) back during the great oil rush of the great American south.

The statue stands as you would expect a man to have stood. Strong, commanding and a figure of classic American masculinity – an epitomizing image of both American entrepreneurship and capitalism. Work hard for your money and get rewarded.

The statue’s hand leans atop of a large oil well and it is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma – which you can see printed on the statue’s belt buckle!

10. The Jolly Green Giant, Minnesota

That’s right – the mascot of Jolly Green’s has its own huge statue, located in Blue Earth, Minnesota.

It’s a welcoming statue, appearing not only confident, happy and powerful – but also literally welcoming people with the inscription at its feet.

It’s a favorite among both tourists and residents alike. Catching a glimpse of this 56 foot tall statue is always something to behold and of course, the Jolly Green’s company are totally in love with it too!

It’s technically a symbol of vegetables, but metaphorically to others it is a symbol of new life, greenness and peace.

If you’re ever near Blue Earth, head to Green Giant Lane and make sure that you snap a picture of this glorious statue.

Final Thoughts

The United States is home to some amazing sights, whether they are man made or natural, and statues are no exception.

We hope this list has given you some excellent ideas for statues you need to see in the country. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mount Rushmore A Statue?

Not quite. It’s known as a colossal sculpture with four of the most iconic American Presidents busts carved into its face.

If it was a statue though, it would certainly be considered as one of the biggest and most striking in America.

This is partly due to the fact that each American President’s head is measured in at around 60 feet tall!

What Is The Oldest Statue In The United States?

Most experts believe this to be the Columbus Obelisk in Baltimore, Maryland and this was built in 1792. However, Maryland is also home to what many experts believe to be the oldest military monument in the US.

It is said this is likely the Tripoli Monument in Maryland which was sculpted some time around 1806 and it honors American Naval heroes from the First Barbary War.

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