The 10 Tallest Buildings In The US You Have To See To Believe

The United States is home to some of the world’s tallest and most impressive skyscrapers. These towering structures are a testament to American ingenuity and ambition.

Top Tallest Buildings in the US

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the tallest buildings in the US.

1. Central Park Tower—New York City, 1550 Ft

Central Park Tower, in New York City, is the tallest residential tower in the world. When it comes to residential buildings, this is one of the best.

Located on Billionaire’s Row, this stunning architectural masterpiece was designed by renowned architect Adrian Smith and stands 1,550 feet (0.47 km) tall with a total of 180 floors.

From its lofty vantage point, Central Park Tower boasts panoramic views of both Central Park and the greater New York City skyline.

From high above in its observation deck on the 100th floor, residents can take in spectacular sunsets and get an unrivaled view of the city below.

Sure to be enjoyed by residents—and their guests—are some of the world’s most luxurious amenities at Central Park Tower.

A 60-foot pool is one such feature found within this world-class condominium building, as well as massive entertaining spaces meant for cocktail parties or intimate dinners with friends and family.

Additionally, karaoke rooms for late night singing sessions and even in-suite massage rooms are other perks that come with living here.

2. John Hancock Center – Chicago, 1,500 Ft (0.46 Km)

The John Hancock Center is an iconic tower in downtown Chicago which serves as a reminder of the great feats of engineering accomplished by architects and builders throughout the years.

Built in 1969, the building stands proudly near the shores of Lake Michigan, providing spectacular views for anyone lucky enough to be on top of it.

This 101-story skyscraper is one of the tallest buildings in the world and was even declared to be Artist Galileo’s favorite building due to its unique design.

The John Hancock Center is designed in a distinctive X-braced style, which helps to make it more stable than many other skyscrapers.

This architecture gives the tower an incredible strength while still allowing breathtaking views from each individual floor.

The structure was also designed with a greater number of wall piers than regular buildings at that time, resulting in enhanced stability throughout the entire structure while also creating efficiencies when constructing this massive landmark.

3. Empire State Building, New York City – 1,454 Ft

A true symbol of American strength since its completion in 1931 after just 14 months of construction works!

At 103 stories tall with an impressive Art Deco exterior design running uninterrupted on 87th to 102nd floors, this National Historic Landmark has attracted more than 120 million visitors including celebrities over the years.

Construction of the Empire State Building began on March 17th, 1930 and was completed on May 1st of 1931. It was constructed in record timing; completed at an astonishing rate of four and a half floors per week.

Originally built as the world’s tallest commercial building but later surpassed by the World Trade Center in 1970, the Empire State Building stands at 1,454 feet (0.44 km) tall with 102 stories in its current form.

John J. Raskob was originally listed as one of its major investors, while Skidmore Owings & Merrill served as its main architects.

4. Willis Tower (Formerly Sears Tower), Chicago – 1,451 Ft

Home to dozens of office units and broadcasting antennas, this 108 story behemoth on 57th street has been part of the Chicago skyline since 1974 when it overtook One World Trade Center as America’s tallest building at the time.

The building also features one of the world’s best rooftop views come nightfall with its 408 neon lights surrounding its topmost Sky deck 102nd floor observation deck!

When it opened nearly five decades ago, the Willis (then Sears) Tower was more than just an office building–it was a monument to human ambition.

The completed skyscraper stood taller than any other structure in the world–a total height of 110 stories–and earned its place as one of Chicago’s greatest landmarks.

Constructed from two towers connected by three steel-and-concrete sky bridges, it became an icon not just for its size but also for its innovativeness.

There are several things that make this tower stand out from other skyscrapers around the world; firstly, its Sky deck provides an unrivaled view of Chicago from the 103rd floor – 1,353 feet (0.41 km) above street level!

Additionally, for those who are brave enough to take on their fears – The Ledge – is four glass boxes extending out from the building giving visitors an even higher sense of euphoria while being suspended 1,530 feet (0.47 km) up in the sky.

5. One Vanderbilt, New York—1,401 Ft

One Vanderbilt is a new skyscraper in the heart of Midtown Manhattan that stands as a monument to modern architecture, creativity, and innovation.

The distinctive building will introduce some of the most advanced design, engineering, and construction methods within the real estate industry.

Here’s an overview of One Vanderbilt, its various amenities and benefits, and what makes it truly stand out among its peers.

6. Trump International Hotel, Washington, DC—1,388 Ft

The Trump International Hotel is a luxury hotel located in downtown Washington, D.C. The hotel was opened by U.S. President Donald Trump in 2016 and has become one of the most impressive hotels in the city.

Trump International Hotel is such an amazing place to stay, and it continues to be highly recommended by visitors from around the world.

At The Trump International Hotel, guests can enjoy luxurious accommodations that offer incredible amenities and convenience for both leisurely travelers and business people alike.

Guests can choose from multiple on-site restaurants featuring fine cuisine, private pool access (which is only available to hotel guests), a 24-hour fitness center, modern conference rooms, and even boutique shopping outlets within the facility itself!

7. 30 Hudson Yards, New York City – 1,268 Ft

Also going by the North Tower of Hudson Yards, this 1,268 feet giant skyscraper contains 73 floors and was originally intended to be 480 meters (around 1,575 feet) tall.

It was completed in March 2019 and can be found at the intersection of 33rd street and 10th avenue in New York City, surrounded by Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, and Penn Station. But its views extend well beyond that!

The skyscraper has a cantilevered viewing platform near the top, which opened to the public in March 2020.

Also known as ‘The Edge’ this deck is found at 1,131 feet and is the highest outdoor observation deck for public viewing in the Western Hemisphere.

It was designed by LEED Gold, as well as famous architects Bill Pedersen and Kohn Pedersen, with co-developers Oxford Properties Group and Related Companies.

8. Bank Of America Tower, New York—1,200 Ft

The Bank of America Tower is a modern skyscraper located in Bryant Park, New York City, United States. It is the fourth-tallest office building in the city and the world’s largest four-sided glass building at 88 stories high.

Completed in March 2009, it has become an iconic addition to the New York skyline and provides a beautiful backdrop for many of Manhattan’s most famous sites.

The Bank of America Tower stands 1,200 feet (0.37 km) tall with 88 floors. The tower was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, who planned much of the tower to be made out of energy efficient glass.

There are also outdoor terraces on 45th, 65th and 70th floors which provide additional outdoor space for offices and staff which gives you a one-of-a-kind view over Manhattan.

Inside, the tower features two soaring atria with glazed windows that floodlight into the lobby floors as well as numerous fireproofing systems throughout, helping to ensure safety for everyone who works or visits this magnificent structure.

A unique feature found within the Bank of America Tower is its ‘water wall’.

This 6-story glass waterfall located within one corner atrium which helps to reduce noise levels inside while providing visitors with a pleasant natural setting view before entering their office areas upstairs.

The outdoor terraces on certain floors provide more greenery than what would normally be found in large downtown buildings as well as views over Central Park on clear days, providing breaks for employees during their long day hours for leisurely activities such as lunchtime walks or readings during breaks outside away from their screens – promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace environment alongside sustainability initiatives undertaken by management who oversee building operations daily inside NoMa area properties.

9. U.S. Bank Tower, Los Angeles– 977 Ft

US Bank Tower is an iconic tower located in Los Angeles, California. The building hosts a variety of business interests related to media, finance, and entertainment.

It’s known for its expansive outdoor plaza and observation deck, as well as its modern design and innovative technologies.

The US Bank Tower holds a seven-story outdoor sky hut plaza featuring 17 trees, synthetic turf landscaping and views extending to downtown Los Angeles that is considered one of its most defining features, which can be utilized when weather permits or rented out for special events.

10. Steinway Tower, New York, 420 Ft (0.13 Km)

The Steinway Tower is a unique and iconic structure located in the heart of New York City (You might also want to check out Weekend Getaways In New York State).

Constructed in 1921, this stunning emblem of modern architecture stands proudly overlooking Manhattan’s Upper West Side – serving as a reminder to all who see it of the power and influence of innovation within design.

The name “Steinway Tower” is derived from the brand of piano manufacturer Steinway & Sons, which owned the building when it was first erected in 1921.


Tall buildings are an integral part of the US skyline, and these top 10 tallest buildings in the US are a testament to the country’s engineering prowess.

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