17 Peaceful And Secluded Cabins In Colorado (Perfect For A Calm Vacation)

Colorado is home to some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the entire United States, so it’s naturally a great fit as a vacation destination.

And what better, more relaxing vacation is there than renting out a cabin and living in peaceful, wooded areas? 

Renting a cabin in a beautiful location like Colorado is a great way to unwind, finding peace in the quiet outdoors and soaking up the gorgeous surroundings.

17 Peaceful And Secluded Cabins In Colorado (Perfect For A Calm Vacation)

Thankfully, there are loads of cabins to pick from across Colorado, each with their own wondrous settings.

In our fun guide below, we’ve got a list of 17 peaceful cabins in Colorado, all of them perfect for a calm vacation.

Whether you’re on your own, with your partner, joined by your family, or away with a few friends, we’ve got great cabin choices for every scenario. Read on!

1. Dreamy Cabin Near Picturesque Rocky Mountain National Park

For our first pick, we’ve got this fabulous cabin that’s perfectly located, surrounded by gorgeous views and near to some major tourist destinations.

You’ll be able to fit 5 people in this chalet, with 2 bedrooms and a convertible bed.

The master bedroom houses a queen bed and the other has a full-size one, while the downstairs offers pull-out queen and twin beds for extra sleepers. 

On top of that, the cabin is kitted out with features. It’s got a gas stove and microwave for cooking, as well as a washer and dryer for clothes. And for indoor entertainment?

There’s a collection of DVDs and video games to enjoy, or you can simply watch the wildlife go by from the back porch.

However, the cabin is perfectly situated for outdoor activities too! It’s a picturesque 15 minute hike from the Rocky Mountain National Park, and a short distance from the town of Estes Park – where there’s loads to do.

2. Lookout Lodge – Stunning Views

Next is the terrific Lookout Lodge, a cabin that’s perfect for letting you get lost in the beautiful surroundings.

You’ll be able to sleep 6 here, with three beds: two king size ones and a queen size. Additionally, there’s a fully-equipped kitchen with all your cooking needs (and even a coffee maker!) and one bathroom.

The cabin has some floor to ceiling windows, which help to really immerse you in the gorgeous trees and views that surround it.

There’s an acre of land around the cabin, too, which means you can play games outside.

But if it’s too cold? The inside has games, an activity table, a small putting green, and even air hockey!

As for location, you’ll find yourself within driving distance of The Colorado Trail (beautiful hiking), places to fish, The Indian Mountain recreation area (for outdoor activities), and so much more. 

3. South Park Cabin With Huge, Elevated Deck

If you’ve got a smaller party, then this South Park cabin is a great pick, offering space for 3 people to sleep across 2 bedrooms. 

On top of that, the cabin is quite tucked away, so you can be sure that you’ll be enjoying a peaceful and quiet time. This is handy, because there are so many sights here that you’ll want to enjoy quietly!

You’ve got the stunning view of the sunset glowing on the Kenosha Mountains, passing deer and elk going to graze, and so much more. 

Better still, you’ll be able to enjoy many of these views from the cabin’s amazing elevated deck! It has a huge wooden deck coming off the second floor, which allows you to feel like you’re amongst the treetops.

4. Elevated Seclusion In The Colorado Rockies

This next cabin is another pick for smaller parties, since it offers a queen bed and a twin bed, and it’s totally located deep in the heart of nature.

For example, you’ll see plenty of deer walking by as you relax, and beautiful birds will be swooping around.

Even better, the cabin is found at an altitude of 8000 feet, giving you a great sense of elevation as you look at the enormous, towering mountain peaks before you!

There’s also no light pollution around, so you can enjoy the gorgeous stars at night too.

The cabin is also located within driving distance of countless must-see places.

Within just a two hour drive, you’ll be able to see Independence Pass, Crystal River Valley, the Gunnison River’s Black Canyon, the vineyards of Paonia, and many more.

5. Cozy Log Cabin In The Mountains

For a slightly larger party (it sleeps 4), this cozy log cabin in the mountains is the perfect getaway for you to unwind, offering peace in a picturesque location.

Though there’s only one bedroom, the loft also has beds, and there’s a bathroom for all to share. It also offers a full kitchen, and even has a blessed chapel if you would like to say prayers. 

It’s also in a great location, because it’s a short, scenic drive from various great activities.

For example, there are restaurants and a grocery store just 10 minutes away, allowing you to have a meal out or gather supplies for the cabin.

Meanwhile, you can get some sightseeing done at Cripple Creek or the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.

6. Stunning Modern Lakeside Cabin

We’ve had plenty of cabins in the woods so far, but what about cabins on a lake? There’s nothing like lazing about in a cozy cabin that’s situated lakeside, with the enormous water just stretching out before you.

Thankfully, this great cabin offers such a thing, and you’ve even got private fishing access.

You’ll be able to get a big party of people staying here, too, because the cabin sleeps 6 across 2 bedrooms and a pull-out sofa bed. There are also 2 bathrooms, making it easier for the larger crowds. 

You’ll have plenty to do while here, from going on hikes to visiting the nearby city of Leadville, and there’s TV, DVDs, and Wi-Fi to keep you busy inside too.

Not that you’ll want to be inside with a lake like that on your doorstep!

7. Peace And Quiet In The Colorado Rockies Collegiate Peaks

This wonderful chalet-style cabin is found in the perfect place, with a gorgeous view of both Mount Princeton and Mount Antero.

Better still, you can gaze at them through the countless towering windows that the cabin has, totally throwing you into the spectacular natural landscape of the natural world – and bringing the outside in. 

You’ll be able to sleep a maximum of 6 people in this cabin, with a variety of beds across 2 bedrooms and a double air mattress if need be.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is fully-equipped, and the property’s water comes from a private well.

Unfortunately, there’s no Wi-Fi, but you won’t be wanting to look at a screen anyway with those amazing mountain peaks!

The property also offers 17 acres of private tract, allowing plenty of room for you to play outdoor activities or stretch out on a chair at night and look up at the sky.

It’s also situated near to a variety of brilliant activities and locations, like Salida, the Monarch Ski area, n and a place for horse riding.

8. Mountain Hideaway With Altitude

This cabin is found in a perfect mountain hideaway, and it has a bi-level deck for you to really enjoy the views of trees and mountains from. Better yet, it’s perfectly peaceful, and you’ll have two acres of land to lose yourself in. 

It has 1 bedroom and some convertible beds, allowing space for a maximum of 4 people to sleep in, and it’s also got a kitchen and dining area.

There’s a selection of movies for you to watch, and you can even cozy up with a wood burning stove while you watch them.

However, you’ll definitely be wanting to do a lot of outdoor activities, and you’ll be spoiled for choice there.

Within just a short drive, you’ll be able to go to Woodland Park and do some wine tasting, check out the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, see Pikes Peak, visit the Olympic Training Center, and much more.

9. Luxury Mountain Getaway

This next cabin is truly stunning, with a beautiful blend of wood panels and large windows, all surrounded by dreamy woodland. 

There’s plenty of space here, as well, because there’s an impressive 3 bedrooms AND 3 bathrooms in the property.

On top of that, there’s a big wraparound deck for you to lounge about outside on, looking towards the amazing views of the mountains.

The deck has a fire table, and there’s a BBQ elsewhere around the cabin. Free Wi-Fi is included too!

It’s not only mountains you’re surrounded by, either, because there are countless must-see spots all around too – and many of them are within a reasonable driving distance.

For example, you can go hiking on Pennsylvania Mountain, Mount Buckskin, and more (Also check out Best Lakes In Pennsylvania).

On the other hand, you can fly fish or go horseback riding at plenty of nearby locations too.

10. Quiet Cabin With Brilliant Fishing Opportunities

If you want to do some fishing while on your quiet retreat, then this next Colorado cabin is a great pick. 

It’s been recently remodeled, too, so you can expect a great range of fresh amenities.

There are 2 bedrooms on the property, and room for 6 people to sleep overall. The kitchen has been updated with all kinds of new appliances, so you’ll have a great time putting together your meals.

One of the biggest draws here is the fishing, because you’ll have private access to go fishing in Wildcat Canyon.

This isn’t the only outdoor activity you’ll be able to enjoy, though, because the same canyon offers a stunning 2.5 hour hike that ends at a picturesque waterfall!

11. Rustic Cabin With 500+ Acres Of Woods

A super sweet, rustic cabin, this is another fantastic pick for a quiet mountaintop getaway in Colorado. 

Specifically, this cabin sits on top of the beautiful Conifer Mountain, and the property is found within more than 500 acres of brilliant woods, full of aspen and evergreen trees.

Naturally, this enormous area lends itself to countless outdoor activities.

You’ll be able to hike, play, mountain bike, horse ride, dirtbike, and more. Even better, if you go in the winter and it’s snowing, then you’ll be able to enjoy some skiing and sledding!

You’ll be able to sleep a maximum of 5 people here, so it’s a good choice for family or parties of friends, and it’s got a full-size kitchen to use. However, you can’t have any pets inside the cabin. 

It’s also a short distance from various venues, like Beaver Ranch (where you can zipline and mountain bike) and the Red Rocks concert venue.

12. Waterfront Cabin With Shared Hot Springs

This spacious Colorado cabin is another one that’s got a brilliant waterfront location, and you’ll also find plenty of stunning mountain views to enjoy while you’re unwinding in peace.

It’s also surrounded by meadows, full of beautiful flowers and fireflies that create a simply magical atmosphere.

There’s room for a maximum of 4 people to stay, with sleeping options being a queen size bed and a futon. It also has a basic kitchenette with a fridge and microwave, but unfortunately there’s no stove or oven. 

One of the key features of this cabin is the shared hot springs, which are found on-site and can be used by the other guests on the shared property.

Hot springs are a totally great way for you to re-energize and relax, with their stunning water soaking and rejuvenating you.

13. Round Cabin On Top Of A Moraine

For those who don’t know, a moraine is a mass of rocks and sediment, and this cozy cabin has been constructed on top of one. This makes it extra unique and rustic, really throwing you into nature and connecting you to your surroundings.

Admittedly, the cabin is only going to be for small parties, because you can only sleep 2 people there.

However, that can make it a good choice for anyone wanting a romantic cabin getaway with their partner (though the beds are bunk beds!), and the private trails and beautiful nighttime stargazing are certainly romantic.

As for facilities, there’s a Dutch oven and you’ll also be able to warm food on their wood burning stove. 

The venue offers great trails for hiking, horseback riding, and biking. Plus, when it’s winter and there’s snow, you’ll be able to go snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. And when it’s all too cold?

The wood burning stove inside will help to warm you up!

14. Large Private Cabin With Spectacular Scenery

This next choice is a lot larger, with room for up to 6 people to sleep and a kitchen that’s well-equipped with an oven, stove, fridge, microwave, and more.

There’s even a bath, which will allow you to truly relax, knowing you’re surrounded by sublime scenery.

There’s plenty to see and do, as well, because the cabin is conveniently located within a short distance to countless activities and spots.

For example, you can go to the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center, the Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, and many more.

If you’re visiting when it’s typically on, then the cabin is even located near to the yearly Ice Festival!

As you can imagine, there’s loads of spectacular scenery to witness, whether it’s the  cozy woods that surround the cabin itself or the sightseeing spots we’ve just referred to. 

15. Remote Modern Cabin With 60 Acres Of Meadows

You’ll be able to unwind with total tranquility with this Colorado cabin, which is tucked away in a remote area and has 60 acres of meadows for you to wander and play around.

Better yet, the cabin has a deck that offers a great view of the valley!

The cabin also has plenty of room, because it can sleep up to 6 people, making it perfect for large parties.

Naturally, it has a modern kitchen for you to use (as well as a BBQ outside), but unfortunately there’s no microwave since the property is so off-grid.

16. Peaceful Cabin Retreat On The Front Range

Our next choice is this sizable and peaceful cabin surrounded by tall trees on the Front Range mountain range. It’s got room for up to 6 people to sleep, so it’s a great one for large families or gatherings of friends.

There’s also 2 bathrooms and a fully-equipped kitchen. 

Though the cabin is remote, it’s a reasonable driving distance from plenty of great destinations. For example, Denver is just an hour away. However, there’s lots on your doorstep, too, with a forest of wildlife just outside the cabin.

17. Cabin Cottage WIth Hot Tub

Our final pick is this great cabin cottage in Cripple Creek! It only sleeps 2 people, so it’s ideal for a romantic getaway. And speaking of romance, there’s a hot tub on-site too!

There’s also a deck for you and your partner to lounge about on or enjoy an intimate dinner, while the stunning stars float above you. Meanwhile, nearby activities include whitewater rafting and hiking.

Final Thoughts

A cabin getaway in Colorado is great for unwinding – use our guide to find the best rental cabins!

Alex Kallen
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