28 Best Places To Visit In February Around The USA

February may not seem like your first choice for a vacation getaway, but it’s actually a time of year that’s totally ideal. After all, the winter is starting to leave and the sun is starting to come back, all while travel costs are lower and fewer people are traveling about.

28 Best Places To Visit In February Around The USA

It’s the perfect time to visit those places in the USA you’ve never been to, while having a peaceful and cheap time on top of it! But what are the ideal USA locations to visit during February?

The United States is notoriously large, with so many different and brilliant places on offer. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed them all down for you!

Our list covers every type of place you could want, whether it’s large and famous cities to lesser-known spots – and even an island! You’re sure to find your next February vacation. Read on!

1. San Francisco, California

1. San Francisco, California

We’re starting our list off with a famous spot in the USA that you definitely know about: San Francisco.

This is a place that’s full of iconic landmarks for you to visit, from the enormous Golden Gate Bridge, to the famous winding Lombard Street, to Alcatraz Island and its historical prison, and the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts.

There’s so many different sights to see, and because it’s February they’ll all have fewer tourists covering up the views!

It’s also a beautiful city to spend Valentine’s Day in, with plenty of romantic events, such as balls and boutiques, so if you’re traveling here in February with your partner then you’ll be able to have a sweet, memorable trip.

There are also plenty of performances to see, whether you want to see the San Francisco Ballet or a large Broadway show that’s passing through the city.

2. Big Sur, California

2. Big Sur, California

If you want to go somewhere in the United States during February that will simply take your breath away with its gorgeous views, then Big Sur is the spot to pick.

Found between San Simeon and Carmel, Big Sur is a rugged and enormous stretch of California coast that has astonishing views of the bright, big blue sea, picturesque seaside cliffs, and plenty of atmospheric mist.

Besides looking at the sights, there’s plenty else to do here when visiting in February.

For example, a trip to the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Parks offers a beautiful spot for hiking that’s surrounded by ancient, towering trees, and it all leads to the beautiful McWay Falls – an 80 foot waterfall.

3. Austin, Texas

3. Austin, Texas

Another famous location that you’ll know about, but may never have visited, is Austin in Texas. One of the reasons that you may never have made the trip here before is because of the famous heat.

Texas is notorious for its high temperatures, and Austin is no exception. However, if you’re visiting in February, then you should find the city is a lot cooler – and a lot more bearable for most people!

On top of that, it’s a large city bustling with culture and things to see and do.

You can study fascinating artworks at the Blanton Museum of Art, walk the beautiful trails at Mayfield Park and Nature Reserve (and even see some peafowl!), or listen to live music at one of the many famous music venues – the Cactus Cafe and the Broken Spoke are particularly fun spots.

Of course, there are also plenty of Valentine’s Day events taking place across the city in February, so make sure to take your partner to those. For example, they’ve got special meals and special dances.

4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is an especially great place to visit in February, because you’ll find that it’s usually covered in dreamy snow! It makes this Wisconsin city even more special, just make sure to wrap up extra warm and be careful (Also check out Waterfalls In Wisconsin).

There’s thankfully plenty to do as well. For example, you can enjoy a local drink or two at the Lakefront Brewery, which sits along the Milwaukee River.

You can also take a trip to the famous Milwaukee Art Museum, whose architecture is as artistic and creative as anything you’ll see inside. Seriously, this grand museum looks like a massive sailboat!

If you want some retail time, there’s always the Milwaukee Public Market, which is a large market of stores and restaurants to spend time in.

With the smaller crowds that February brings, you’ll be able to enjoy shopping and dining in relative peace – which is always a bonus!

5. Kauai, Hawaii

5. Kauai, Hawaii

Of course, when talking about fantastic spots in the USA to visit in February, it’s important not to forget Hawaii!

Though there’s a whole lot of sea between North America and the various islands of Hawaii, it’s important to remember that they’re still a part of the United States – and offer some of the very best sights that it has to offer!

Kauai is one of the most gorgeous islands of Hawaii, particularly because it’s mostly covered in a brilliant tropical rainforest and has plenty of jaw-dropping cliffs.

If you’re worrying that it’s a sunny island that’ll be too cold in February, that actually isn’t the case, because its temperatures remain pretty consistently warm all year! So, thankfully, it’ll still feel tropical.

As for things to do, you’ll be spoiled for choice. For example, you can take an exhilarating helicopter tour, or even a backroads ATV tour, which will both show you the best the place has to offer in an adventurous and exciting way.

And after that, why not take a walk through the stunning vistas of Waimea Canyon State Park? With cheaper prices and smaller crowds, thanks to it being February, these activities and spots will be in their prime.

6. Saint Paul, Minnesota

6. Saint Paul, Minnesota

The capital city of Minnesota, Saint Paul is a great place to visit all year, but especially in February when the travel and accommodation is cheaper. There are countless things for you to enjoy while here, such as the Minnesota History Center.

This gorgeous-looking building contains both a museum and library, along with various artifacts and interactive exhibits to take wonder in. On top of that, they regularly host shows, lectures, dance performances, and more, so check what’s on when you visit!

Another great spot is the Science Museum of Minnesota, where you can learn yet more about the wide world around us, and the wide range of stores and restaurants throughout the city.

7. Miami, Florida

7. Miami, Florida

If you picture Miami as a place full of sun, sand, and heat, then don’t worry about February changing any of that! Even in this winter month, you’ll find that Miami in Florida is still a spot that’s full of incredible weather. You won’t need to wrap up!

There will be loads to do when you’re here, and it’ll all be without the tourist nightmare that is March’s Spring Break!

So, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches without being overwhelmed, and then you’ll be able to head to downtown Miami for shopping, eating, and drinking.

Another great activity is to visit the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, which offers a majestic mansion and stunning Italian Renaissance gardens that simply dazzle in the hot, bright sunlight.

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re looking for a February destination that’s full of joy, parties, and celebration, then the euphoric city of New Orleans is the place for you!

This is particularly because their famous Mardi Gras celebration often takes place in February, meaning that you’ll be thrown into a fun, joyous atmosphere.

Of course, this also means that costs are going to be higher than a lot of the other places in this list, which are usually cheaper in February.

With that being said, if you book all your things long before they happen, then you should be able to save a good deal. Other things you’ll be able to enjoy in New Orleans is the wealth of live music events and taste-tingling restaurants.

New Orleans has all kinds of music to get you moving, and their famously spicy cuisine is a must-try at the massive range of places to eat.

9. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

9. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

There are few more astonishing sights in the United States than the iconic crimson rock formations that have made Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park famous.

Known as hoodoos, these formations tower above you in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, all totally unique and unlike anything you will have ever seen before. Interestingly, February is one of the best times you can go to the Park!

Since it’s usually snowing around this time, you’ll find the canyon covered in soft white snow, which looks totally out of place when you see the fiery, hot-looking crimson rocks.

It’s important to note, however, that plenty of walking trails and roads will be closed in February due to the hazardous conditions, and you’ll need footwear traction for the parts that are open.

There’s plenty of sights to see, as well as wondrous star gazing if you’re there at night, and if you’re bringing your kids then be sure to get them their Junior Ranger Badge upon completing a special, fun program that teaches them about the job’s responsibilities.

10. San Diego, California

10. San Diego, California

Another famous city in the United States that’s a must-visit for everybody once in a lifetime, why not take the trip to San Diego in February?

The crowds are smaller and the costs cheaper, but the city still has plenty of its notable warm climate to go around, meaning you won’t have to wrap up or risk snowfall.

This means you’ll still be able to enjoy San Diego’s iconic beaches, such as La Jolla or Black’s Beach.

In fact, make sure to walk around the cozy neighborhood of La Jolla, because it’s a great little spot with fantastic trails and views, as well as waterfront restaurants to eat at.

As for the rest of San Diego, there’s so many things to do that your trip will be packed. For example, you can enjoy a day on the rides at Belmont Park, check out the USS Midway Museum and all its history, or the heavenly Balboa Park and its serene gardens.

11. Lake Tahoe, California

11. Lake Tahoe, California

On the other hand, if you want somewhere a bit cooler and more snowy, then Lake Tahoe is perfectly cozy in the winter month of February.

This iconic lake is typically surrounded by snow at this time, and you can see the snow-capped peaks of mountains in the distance too. There are lots of beautiful spots to relax at here, or stunning walks to take part in.

The Emerald Bay State Park is centered on Tahoe’s Emerald Bay and provides some amazing natural sights and trailheads. The area is also home to Vikingsholm, which is an historic mansion with Scandinavian architecture that’s simply got to be seen.

You should be able to find lots of nice accommodation to stay at, too, because February doesn’t see too many crowds at Lake Tahoe.

12. Hot Springs, North Carolina

And if Lake Tahoe was too wintery for you, then a trip to Hot Springs in North Carolina will give you some warmth – even in February! The key sightseeing destination here is the hot springs themselves, after which the town is named.

These have been around for centuries, offering naturally warmed mineral water that you can enjoy relaxing in, warming your soul and making you feel totally refreshed.

You can even stay at the resort and spa, which also offers a lovely mountain view and outside grilling.

13. Savannah, Georgia

13. Savannah, Georgia

Another fantastic destination to visit in February is the city of Savannah in Georgia, which has all kinds of attractions to make your winter stay one of a kind.

For example, there’s the lush and green Forsyth Park, with its peaceful atmosphere, silky smooth water fountain, and paths for exercising on.

All of the parks in Savannah are particularly famous, because they’re all very well-kept and manicured. You might even be able to get a horse-drawn carriage ride through some of the city!

You should also make a stop at The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, which is a stunningly beautiful Catholic church with symmetrical design in the neo-Gothic style of architecture.

14. Sanibel & Captiva Islands, Florida

14. Sanibel & Captiva Islands, Florida

Next on our list is the gorgeous pair of neighboring barrier islands, Sanibel and Captiva, in Florida. This entire area is a lavish stretch of lush lawns, tropical trees, and beautiful beaches, and it’s all surrounded by serene, bright blue waters.

As you can imagine, one of the best activities here is a visit to the beach. Even in February, you’ll still find them to be quite warm, with average temperatures often being between 55 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

There’s also a National Shell Museum to visit in Sanibel, along with a wildlife refuge and countless restaurants to enjoy some food at. Meanwhile, there’s a great lighthouse and an observation tower if you want a bit of elevator to enjoy all the wondrous land below.

15. Apostle Islands Sea Cave, Wisconsin

15. Apostle Islands Sea Cave, Wisconsin

If you want something totally unique on this list, then these awe-inspiring sea caves at the Apostle Islands of Wisconsin are the place to pick, and a February trip is a great time to visit these cooling, fascinating caves.

Mother Nature really is an incredible woman, because centuries of wave movement, freezing, and thawing have eventually created the stunning shapes of these spectacular caves.

Interestingly, the beauty of the caves changes each season, because they’ll feel different in the winter compared to how they feel in the summer. Either way, though, they’ll offer a thing of extraordinary natural beauty that you won’t soon forget.

16. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, And Idaho

16. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, And Idaho

From one astonishing feat of the natural world to another! The Yellowstone National Park is one of the most famous destinations in the United States, and offers some of its most famous sights too.

With its dazzling hot springs, erupting geysers, amazing canyons, lush and green forests, and beautiful rivers, this enormous national park (which measures almost 3,500 square miles) is a fantastic place to visit.

This is especially true in February, where it can often get covered in snow! The blanket of pure white snow totally changes the feeling of the spot in the very best way, and there are all kinds of winter activities that are put on. For example, you can go skiing and snowmobiling!

17. Big Sky, Montana

17. Big Sky, Montana

Once you’re done with Yellowstone National Park, you’ll find the brilliant Big Sky community nearby is a great place to go next.

Found in the Rocky Mountains of the south of Montana, this place is a haven of snowy goodness, with so much wintery fun for you to have there in February.

It’s a good idea to visit the Big Sky Resort, which will spoil you with cozy lodging, plenty of winter activities to take part in outside, and a fantastic restaurant experience.

Winter activities include Nordic skiing, a walk through an enchanted forest with warm lights, an exhilarating zipline, Sno-Go biking rentals and lessons, peaceful Snowshoe tours, and even dog sledding! It’s a winter wonderland that’s perfect in February.

18. Magic Mountain Ski Area, Vermont

On the topic of winter wonderlands that are full of fun snow activities on the snowy slopes and paths, the Magic Mountain Ski Area in Vermont is another essential destination in February.

Unfortunately, February is actually one of the most popular times that this place sees all year, so the crowds aren’t going to be smaller and the prices aren’t going to be cheaper – unlike with many of the other destinations on our list.

With that being said, it creates a totally cozy community in the February snow that’s hard to forget!

They have all sorts of things that you can do on the mountain, from trails to sports, and they offer lessons in skiing and snowboarding as well for any visitors that are new to these.

19. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

19. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Time for something a bit hotter! Though Myrtle Beach isn’t as warm in February as it is in the summer months, it’s still plenty warm and it’s a great spot for you to visit and relax at.

As you can imagine, the beach itself is the main attraction here, with an astonishing 60 mile string of them! This means that there’s plenty of room to sunbathe in, play on, and walk.

Additionally, the beachfront is known for its famous boardwalk, which is packed with fun activities!

We’re talking souvenir stands to buy a memento from, arcades to spend all day playing in, an amusement park and its SkyWheel Ferris wheel (one of the tallest in all of the United States!), and plenty of restaurants to have a bite at.

20. Table Rock State Park, South Carolina

20. Table Rock State Park, South Carolina

There’s also plenty to see and do at the Table Rock State Park, found in South Carolina. This is a pretty enormous destination, measuring an astonishing 3,083 acres, and it’s especially beautiful in February, because it will often be covered in snow.

The winter snow makes the countless trees and trails look extra dreamy compared to the rest of the year, and you can rent a cabin to stay here too.

On top of that, there are all kinds of opportunities to camp, swim, fishing, and so much more here. There’s even the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains to marvel at, or the wondrous Carrick Creek Falls waterfall.

21. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

21. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

There’s lots more natural beauty to experience at this next must-visit location (Also check out the Must-Visit Places To Vacation Around The United States), Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan.

With all manner of sights, from deep forests to sandstone cliffs, you’ll be overwhelmed by the location – and the blanket of snow that can cover it in February is another major reason to visit.

The spot is found on the shores of Lake Superior, which actually helps to shape the coastal features of the park and even changes its ecosystem. There’s so much to do here, making it such a rich spot for a visit.

You can go hiking around the stunning landscape, wander for miles on unspoiled beaches, and even go up a landscape and see astonishing shipwrecks. Winter camping is also available – just make sure to keep very warm!

22. Vail, Colorado

22. Vail, Colorado

The town of Vail in Colorado is pretty appropriately named in February and winter time. Why? Well, it’s often covered during that period in a beautiful “vale” of snow!

As you can imagine, it’s a brilliant destination for all kinds of winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, which attract visitors from all over.

On top of that, there is the enormous Vail Ski Resort, which is a gorgeous venue full of dreamy, wintery lodges and offers rentals for skis and snowboards.

And if you’re not too experienced with those, you can take lessons for both adults and kids, taught by world-class instructors.

23. Death Valley National Park, California

23. Death Valley National Park, California

Don’t be put off by the name! Death Valley is one of the most incredible places in the United States, with landscapes and sights like you’ve never seen before. However, it’s notoriously hot there as to be almost unbearable for many.

So what can you do? Visit it in February! Though it’s by no means cool, you’ll find that the weather in Death Valley National Park is a lot more tolerable, allowing you to enjoy all that the place has to offer far more.

When there, you’ll see all kinds of sights. For example, there are the salt mounds of the Devil’s Golf Course, the beautiful tall pine trees of the Telescope Peak Trail, plenty of red rocks in Titus Canyon, and more.

This isn’t even mentioning Badwater Basin, which is the lowest point in all of North America! Finally, Zabriskie Point is also a must-visit spot here, with its stunning landscape.

24. Big Island, Hawaii

24. Big Island, Hawaii

Big Island is the name for the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, and if you’re going to visit Hawaii, then it’s essential you stop off at this key location.

After all, it’s a place that’s completely packed with things to see and do, and a trip in February should mean that you’re not surrounded by crowds of tourists.

You’ll be able to relax on its many beaches, whose sand comes in all varieties: white, black, and even green!

You’ll also be able to take a dip in the sea and swim alongside manta rays, watch for whales from a boat, go on massive hiking trails across awe-inspiring landscapes, go cycling, visit museums, and so much more.

25. San Juan, Puerto Rico

25. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Like Hawaii, Puerto Rico is another land that’s technically a part of America, but isn’t attached to it geographically. Either way, it’s a fantastic place with all kinds of wonderful locations, especially when it comes to its capital city of San Juan.

Even better, it’s a destination that’s still hot during February! This is fitting because it’s got some gorgeous beaches for you to spend time relaxing on.

In addition to that, you can spend time partying the night away in its many nightclubs, checking out the casinos, marveling at the brilliantly colorful Spanish colonial buildings, and visiting the enormous fortresses that have stunning views of the gaping ocean below.

Of course, there’s plenty of places for culture and education too, such as the dazzlingly designed Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, which is filled with 18 exhibition halls of paintings and other stunning artworks.

26. Paradise Valley, Arizona

Like Death Valley, which we looked at earlier, this is a must-see place in the United States that’s usually far too hot for you to enjoy it!

Thankfully, though, it cools down a bit in February and the winter months, allowing visitors to properly appreciate its amazing peaks and luxurious amenities.

You see, this isn’t just a great place for a vacation appreciating unique landscapes (especially if you go on the Echo Canyon Trailhead), but it’s also a place where you can shop until you drop!

It’s the wealthiest place in Arizona, and it really shows. You’ll be able to splash out at fancy restaurants, go shopping in its countless high-end stores, marvel at all the super-expensive houses, and maybe even play a hole or two at the luxury golf course.

27. Salt Lake City, Utah

27. Salt Lake City, Utah

Good old SLC! This great location in Utah is another fantastic place to visit during February, because it’ll usually be covered in lots of snow, turning it into a picturesque winter wonderland.

However, the snow naturally isn’t just great for looks, because the place has various ski resorts for you to get your snow-sporting on. With these, you’ll be able to zoom down snowy slopes and have the time of your life.

And the fun with Salt Lake City doesn’t stop there! There are loads of stores and restaurants for you to indulge in, as well as fascinating sightseeing spots and places to visit.

You can learn all kinds of fascinating things at the Natural History Museum of Utah, stroll in Liberty Park, check out the out-of-this-world Clark Planetarium, and so much more.

28. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

28. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

We’re finishing our list off with the fantastic Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, which is another great place for a February visit, since there are fewer tourists around at that time.

There’s countless things to see here! For example, you’ve got the amazing ancient thermal springs themselves, all kinds of fascinating trails to hike while surrounded by lush trees and leaves, gentle creeks to relax next to, and even some staggering mountain views.

There are also nine historic bathhouses of Bathhouse Row located here, which have fascinating architecture and offer a window into the past.

Final Thoughts

February may not seem like the time to go on vacation in the USA, but it’s when flights and accommodation are typically cheaper, and places have fewer tourists.

As a result, these 28 locations are brilliant destinations that you simply have to try, each with their own astonishing sights, brilliant stores and restaurants, and fascinating and fun activities.

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