13 Of The Best Breweries In Fort Worth & The Surrounding Area

On a per capita basis, Fort Worth isn’t home to many breweries when compared to other Texan towns and cities, but that’s not to say this county seat can’t stand shoulder to shoulder with the more boozy locations in The Lone Star State where quality and good times are concerned!

13 Must-Visit Breweries In & Around Fort Worth

The beverages brewed in Fort Worth’s sparse smattering of breweries aren’t merely beers, but amber nectar that the gods themselves would slurp and savor, which is why this city should be a sure thing on any sudsy savant’s itinerary.

So, to help you map out your stops next time you ride on into Cowtown, I’ll be listing the top 13 must-visit breweries in and around Fort Worth.

Top 13 Breweries In & Around Fort Worth

Pour yourself a cold one, put your feet up, and prepare for the ultimate virtual tour of some of the most amazing breweries, not just in Fort Worth, but Texas as a whole!

1. Wild Acre Brewing Company — Innovative Drinks & Live Music

On the periphery of downtown Fort Worth hides Wild Acre Brewing Company, an outfit that pays tribute to the lawless history of the land on which the brewery is built.

Back in the 1800s, this area was commonly referred to as Hell’s Half Acre, and it was a veritable Sodom of the (almost) modern day, complete with gambling a-plenty, Olympic -grade drinking, and even frequent deadly shootouts!

Of course, it’s a much safer place these days, but Wild Acre does their best to keep the revelry this place is famous for alive by hosting lots of live music and producing some of the most groundbreaking brews known to man.

My first sip suggestion would be the infamous T-Hawk IPA, a bright and fruity beverage to set your tastebuds a-tinglin’ and the party a-pumpin’!

For a second round, there’s no substitute for Billy Jenkins Bock, a Frankensteinian hybrid of German and US malts that hits clean and sweet with accents of toffee and biscuit.

The fact that the Wild Acre crew have just cut the ribbon on a second Fort Worth location is testament to just how passionate they are about what they do.

And as this new establishment has a selection of its very own exclusive beers that you won’t find at the OG Wild Acre Brewery, you’d better visit both!

2. Rahr & Sons Brewing Company: A Local Legend

Rahr & Sons Brewing Company is a Fort Worth institution, forever topping lists of the best breweries in the city, and being that their approach to brewing mirrors how a fine restaurant approaches curating its menu, it’s no surprise.

6 of their beverages are staples of their establishment, enjoyed year-round by tens of thousands of loyal patrons looking to get their fix of super high quality booze.

Then, as the year rolls by, they release a number of special seasonal brews, providing an ever-changing menu that’s impossible to tire of.

Sadly, as you may only be visiting for a day or two before moving on to one of the other fantastic breweries on my list, you won’t get to try everything they have to offer, so I guess you’re just going to have to plan a second Fort Worth brewery tour for your next vacation too! But I digress…

My first sip suggestion here is the exquisitely balanced Texas Red, the perfect brew to get the party started, and to keep it going strong, I’d suggest their Original American lager, or, for those chasing the unusual, their bitter, fruit-infused Dadgum IPA.

Rock up to this brewery Wednesdays between 5 and 8 pm or Saturdays between 12 and 3 pm to snag their sweetest offer — 3 pints and a souvenir glass for a very reasonable $15.

3. HopFusion Ale Works: Atmosphere & Fun, Fun, Fun

The atmosphere is always abuzz at HopFusion Ale Works, but it hasn’t become such a hip haunt by accident.

Considered masters of flavor, founders Matt Hill and Macy Moore are insanely good at what they do.

There are always some great deals to take advantage of at HopFusion Ale Works.

Combine that with a chockablock events schedule and it’s a hard-to-pass-up prospect, which is why both locals and tourists mingle here in equal numbers.

My first sip suggestion at HF is a special one, folks… the Feisty Blonde, a blonde ale infused with fragrant orange blossom honey, a dash of vanilla, and some raw dark sugar to complete a silky smooth finish — Masters of flavor indeed!

You may end up drinking Feisty Blonde all night, but if you can pry yourself away from this liquid temptress, I’d shoot for an El Gran Pepinillio, Fort Worth’s original pickle beer.

And for dessert, treat yourself to a rich, chocolaty Coco Añejo.

4. Martin House Brewing Company: Weird & Wonderful Flavors

If you’re always on the hunt for new flavor combos, I’d suggest setting aside at least a few days to hang out at the Martin House Brewing Company.

With multiple fresh releases each week, the beers at this establishment always keep you on your toes (swiftly before placing you on your backside).

The folks over at this brewery are essentially the Willy Wonkas of the Fort Worth brewing scene, pumping out off-the-wall flavors such as peach, pretzel, cookie dough, clove, cinnamon, and so, so much more.

That’s not to say that there won’t be anything for the more conservative beer connoisseur, as their year-round menu is full of more traditional delights.

My first sip suggestion, you ask?

Well, if I were you, I’d go for something like the pine-leaning Imperial Texan, and if you’re feeling a little more adventurous after that (lowered inhibitions and all), might I suggest the True Love, a raspberry-tinged summer slurp for the ages?

You can book a spot on a Martin House tour on Thursdays or Saturdays, and once you’ve had your fill of the good stuff, head on out to one of the many food trucks to get yourself a delicious meal.

5. Fort Brewery & Pizza: Pints & Pies!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ravenous after a couple of drinks, so the idea of a brewery combined with a pizzeria is heaven to me, and, as you can tell by the name, that’s exactly what Fort Brewery & Pizza is.

You may be worried that it’s a Jack of all trades, master of none kind of establishment, but this brewery doesn’t fall into that trap at all — Both their brews and their pizzas are phenomenal!

They also serve a myriad of awesome appetizers such as soft pretzels and giant meatballs, so you can warm up your belly before choosing something from their vast pizza menu.

And as a first sip suggestion to arrive at your table with your appetizers, I’d recommend their faintly floral Ocho, a citric, earthy affair with some tropical undertones.

And when your delicious pie shows up, try moving on to the immensely sippable 1849, an ale based on the Irish blueprint, featuring a superb balance of sweet (biscuit, toffee, caramel) and savory (toast) flavors.

6. Turning Point Beer: IPA-mazing

I’m sure you won’t mind heading roughly 20 minutes out of town to enjoy the best New England IPAs this side of Texas, right?

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you visit Turning Point Beer situated on Brown Trail, Bedford.

The folks over at Turning Point usually cook a few special brews up on a weekly basis, but even if you miss their fleeting offerings, the mainstay headliners are mighty delicious.

For my first sip suggestion, we’re kicking the trip off with something fruity, the Queen to BE, a strawberry-infused pale ale, and once that’s down the hatch, we’ll go for the legendary A Nu Start, a hazy IPA number with hints of pineapple and pine.

Then, once you’re good and ready to experiment, check out the more avant-garde drinks on their menu, like the blue raspberry and sour straw candy brew, for instance.

Visit Turning Point on Tuesdays to get in on a quiz and the chance to win some boozy prizes, or roll on by over the weekend to relax and watch some major league sports.

7. Cowtown Brewing Company: Family-Friendly & Jovial

Tying together BBQ, sports, a giant tap room (5000 square feet!), and of course loads of tasty craft beer, Cowtown Brewing Company is about as Texas as it gets.

Load up on culinary delights such as pulled pork, brisket, fried pickles, and ribs while slurping down some of the finest German-style malts outside of Germany.

My first sip suggestion is the Rhinestone Cowboy brewed using Hallertauer hops, giving it a herbal, spicy kick.

Then, grab yourself another plate of BBQ goodness and fill your glass with Flux Capacitator, a rich, sweet beer with notes of dark chocolate and figs.

It’s a family-oriented establishment with a great atmosphere, so I’m betting that once you’re in, you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away.

8. Shannon Brewing Company: Community Values

Shannon Brewing Company has two missions:

  • Brew delicious, ground-breaking beer
  • Strengthen the community

Now, being that they use only the very highest quality ingredients during their brewing process, I think it’s fair to say, mission accomplished on the first point of order.

And considering they put on “Sip & Shop” events for local artists to showcase their work, and host the Shannon Running Club to promote a healthy local culture, I’d say they’re doing a pretty darn good job of the latter as well!

My first sip suggestion is their Chocolate Stout, and if you’ve room for seconds after such a rich brew, cleanse the pallet with a super crisp and refreshing Irish Red.

9. Panther Island Brewing Company: Chilled Out & Fun

The atmosphere at Panther Island Brewing Company is a little more laid back than some others on this list, but there’s still plenty going on!

They keep a stacked entertainment schedule, and when the show ends, you can occupy yourself with one of their many bar games — We’re talking giant Jenga, pool, air hockey, foosball, and my personal favorite, cornhole.

For a first sip, I’d recommend starting strong with a jar of Sweet Fang, a milk stout alive with notes of chocolate and peanut butter.

Next up, refresh with something mild like the Allergeez, an unfiltered wheat beer crafted with chamomile blooms and rose hips.

And to finish, you’re back in with the heavy stuff: Cannonball is a powerful, deep red Scotch Ale rife with notes of toasted barley and caramel.

10. Funky Picnic Brewery: Colorful & Modern

For a more in-yer-face experience, try the bold and beautiful Funky Picnic Brewery.

Kids will love the bold colors of the industrial chic aesthetic, and adults will feel like kids as they sip at their glass of Two Peanut Butters, One Cup, a daringly sweet stout topped with toasted marshmallows, chocolate sauce, and crumbled graham crackers.

With such a flesh-out menu of drinks (and food), you may find it difficult to decide what to have, but a “Whole Picnic Flight” solves the problem, giving you a 5-oz taste of every single tipple on tap.

While you enjoy your one-of-everything order, you’ll take in one of the countless exciting events hosted by this brewery, from comedy open mic nights to trivia extravaganzas and drag shows.

Those who aren’t perhaps as bonkers about beer as you will enjoy the broad selection of wines, cocktails, and ciders, and even non-drinkers will get their fill of delicious non-alcoholic beverages at this establishment.

11. Locust Cider: Cider Superiority

More of a cider savant than a beer buff? Locust Cider has you covered with a selection of the best hard ciders in the city, and probably for a long ways beyond the city limits too!

These mad cider scientists get super creative with their flavors, so prepare yourself for a real tango on the taste buds!

My first sip suggestion would be the Vanilla Bean, a dreamy blend of Madagascan vanilla and crisp green apples — Think cream soda with a kick.

Next, I’d choose something like the mildly sweet Dark Cherry, or better yet, if one of their wacky specials is on tap, that’s what I’d go for.

Mojito, chipotle, and Thai Ginger are just some of their most outstanding out-there flavors.

For an extra shot of nostalgia as you wet your whistle, why not get in on one of the many retro video or board games dotted around the establishment?

And if your belly starts a-rumblin’, Locust Cider makes a mean flatbread pizza!

12. Revolver Brewing Company: Refined & Family Run

You’ll need a designated driver to get you home from this lovely spot in Granbury, about half an hour outside of Fort Worth, but you’ll be glad you made the trip when you get there.

Run by the Keislers, (a father and his son), what you’ll find at Revolver Brewing Company is an uncompromising vision of brewing excellence and small-town hospitality.

As a first sip suggestion, I’ll nominate their beloved Blood and Honey ale, a brilliant combination of Texan honey and blood orange.

Then, to freshen up, how about a glass of Sidewinder, a super pale ale with tons of citrus and a touch of maize?

Hit this spot on a Saturday night to take in some live music and grab a bite from an ever-changing roster of top-notch food trucks.

13. Maple Branch: Biergarten Brilliance

For summer sips in a picturesque environment, Maple Branch should be your only destination.

With a sizable beer garden complete with picnic tables, it’s a lovely spot to chill with the family and pets while enjoying the Texan sunshine, and if it gets a little too hot for you or your pets, there are plenty of trees to find shelter beneath.

My first sip suggestion would be any one of their German-leaning beverages, namely, Monkey Business, Czech Ya Later, or Into the Unknown, as they’re all fantastic.

And make sure to pick up one of the famous soft pretzels too!

Final Thoughts

There you have it — 13 breweries in or around Fort Worth that will knock your socks off!

Whatever you do, don’t leave town before you’ve tried a few jars at every one of the establishments on this list.

All special in their own way, each one brings something wholly enjoyable to Texan brewing culture.

Alex Kallen
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