Things To Do In Sedona, Arizona: The Top Ten Tourist Attractions!

Like many towns in the United States, Sedona, Arizona seems to miss out and go underrated on the global stage – losing out in favor of major cities like Los Angeles and New York City, which seem to be the primary focus of the media.

Things To Do In Sedona, Arizona The Top Ten Tourist Attractions!

However, as with the entire United States, there are a wealth of historical, cultural, and artistic activities to keep people of all ages entertained and informed.

But what exactly are the best tourist attractions in Sedona, Arizona, and what makes them so special?

The Top Ten Attractions In Sedona

To help you find the best attractions in the town of Sedona, we have put together a list of our top ten picks for the best things to see.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Devil’s Bridge Trail

First on our list we have the Devil’s Bridge Trail – a red rock archway formed in the hillside, that allows hikers to climb to the otherside.

However, they do this at their own peril, and as the name suggests, it is not considered to be an easy feat.

However, the area is part of a wider set of trails, and there are numerous wonders to encounter and see on your hike, including fauna, flora, and breathtaking views.

Hiking and nature is what Arizona is famous for, and it is the beauty of this untouched natural landscape that keeps tourists coming back again and again.

Address: Sedona AZ, 86336

2. Cathedral Rock

Another popular sight in Sedona is Cathedral Rock – so named as the formation of the cliffs and mountains have the spired appearance of a grand cathedral.

This natural sandstone butte is one of the local landmarks in Sedona, and is the place of pilgrimage for countless hikers and photographers due to its striking visual formation and breathtaking look.

As one of the most photographed locations in Arizona, there is surely no sign of this popularity slowing down anytime soon.

Address: 500 Back O Beyond Rd, Sedona AZ

3. Seven Sacred Pools

In the midst of Soldier Pass Trail, lucky hikers will discover Seven Sacred Pools, a series of natural pools that act as a literal oasis against the scorching heat of the desert.

With steps and walkways, these pools are perfectly safe to swim in, and the pools see countless tourists and locals each year do just that.

Surrounded by trees and shrubs on all sides, these sunken pools really do feel like a mirage – especially when you consider the stark red landscape that they stand against – and they are certainly a must see for hikers and sightseers alike.

Address: Soldier’s Pass Rd, Sedona AZ, 86336

4. Red Rock Balloon Adventures

The only thing better than seeing the Arizona countryside by foot, is by air, and this is what Red Rock Balloon Adventures is all about – taking visitors up into the clouds with trained hot air balloon pilots, as they see the red rocks of the Sedona countryside from a bird’s eye view.

This really is a once in a lifetime experience, and while those with a fear of heights might be daunted, this really is a sight you don’t want to miss.

With numerous different packages and experiences available, these balloon rides come complete with an accomplished tour guide, who can guide you through the specific formations of the Sedona countryside, and tell you a little more about these amazing natural wonders.

Address: 105 Canyon Diablo Blvd, Sedona AZ, 86351

5. Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park

Rural Arizona is perhaps the last place you might expect to find a Buddhist center, but Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park is just that – offering visitors a peaceful, spiritual retreat right in the middle of the Sedona countryside.

Worshiping and delivering the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, this peace park really is a great place to walk, worship, find peace, and be at one with the beauty of nature.

And what’s more, you can make it a part of your wider hiking adventure, using the hiking trails to lead you to this literal peace park in the desert, before taking you back to where you came from.

This is perfect for anyone seeking a little peace, quiet, and enlightenment on their Sedona vacation!

Address: 2650 Pueblo Dr, Sedona AZ, 86336

6. Exposures International Gallery

For the art lovers amongst you, you really cannot do better than Exposures International Art Gallery.

With one of the largest collections in the region, Exposures plays host to countless sculptures, paintings, and creations – each as vibrant, beautiful, and one of a kind as the next.

What’s more, this fine art gallery has something to fit every budget, and welcomes all people to its walls – not just the wealthy art collectors of the world.

At Exposures, the goal is to represent and reflect the collection of domestic and international art – all of which represents the flavor and character of the desert itself, and the heavy Spanish and Mexican influences that continue to shape the culture.

Address: 561 State Route 179, Sedona AZ, 86336

7. Sedona Stargazing Tour

One of the benefits of being out in the countryside – especially the desert – is that the nights are bright and clear.

This obviously means that stargazing opportunities in Arizona promise to be some of the best in the country.

If this sounds like your thing, then why not opt for the Sedona Stargazing Tour – a guided introduction to the constellations and systems that can be viewed naturally from the Sedona countryside.

This really is a tour of a different kind, and can create some magical memories for you and your family to share together. And really, who knows what you might spot!

Address: 3511 Verde Valley School Rd, Sedona AZ, 86351

8. Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

Next on our list we have Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend – important geographical locations that have been lived in by the Navajo people for hundreds of years.

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone wanting to experience the ancestral land of Arizona’s native tribes – especially when you take into account that you cannot set foot on the land without a Navajo guide.

This makes this tour one of a kind, and the best way to see the beautiful sights, vistas, and winding rock faces that the Navajo have made their home for centuries.

Address: 22 South Lake Powell Blvd, Page AZ, 86040

9. Snoopy Rock

Named for the famous, loveable white dog from Peanuts comics, Snoopy Rock is well known landmark in the Sedona area, and one that is surrounded by hiking trails, rocky overlooks, and fantastic views of the surrounding countryside.

Shaped like the profile of Snoopy laying atop his dog house, this tongue in cheek has become something of an in-joke for the people of Sedona, and the place has become a national landmark beloved by all who visit it.

Address: 79 & Schnebly Hill Rd, Sedona AZ, 86336

10. Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

Last on our list, but by no means least, we have the Tlaquepaque arts and crafts village – a fantastic local arts space, combined with shops, restaurants and galleries.

Perfect for strolling around on a lazy, sunny afternoon, this arts village has been a Sedona landmark since the 1970s, and is the perfect place to pick up a bargain, sample some local cuisine, and take in works by local artists and makers in the area.

Decorated in charming, quaint, Spanish-style decor and architecture, Tlaquepaque arts and crafts village is a great, relaxing place for all the family.

Address: 336 Az-179, Sedona AZ, 86336

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Sedona, Arizona, and the top attractions that locals and tourists alike can experience in the city.

It’s true that Sedona is an underrated city, even with the fondness that Arizona has amongst the people of the United States.

However, as this list highlights, the city, as well as the state in general, has much to offer people of all ages and backgrounds – with numerous fun and informative activities to keep everyone entertained.

So if you are headed to Sedona, and are looking for something to do, then why not give some of these attractions a try? You really will not be disappointed!

Alex Kallen
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