Things To Know Before Going On A Nude Cruise

Are you thinking of taking a nude cruise, but don’t know what to expect?

Nude cruises are becoming increasingly popular, offering travelers the chance to experience vacationing without clothes and inhibitions.

Things To Know Before Going On A Nude Cruise

While some may be hesitant to go on such a voyage, it’s important to remember that there are certain etiquette rules and guidelines to keep in mind before embarking on your journey.

From packing the right kind of clothing to understanding how to behave in a nude environment, here are some things to know before going on a nude cruise.

What Exactly Is A Nude Cruise?

The concept of a nude cruise conjures up images of people sunbathing free from the constraints of clothing but, in reality, it’s much more than that.

Nudist cruises are essentially full-charter trips aboard a cruise ship booked out exclusively by an operator so that guests can enjoy an enjoyable and hassle-free experience without worrying about accidental exposure.

Who Exactly Offers Nude Style Cruises?

The largest and best-known provider of such voyages is Bare Necessities.

Founded in 1990, they really pioneered the industry with their clothing-optional offering and now provide some amazing travel experiences for anyone interested in taking it one step further than traditional cruising.

Cruise enthusiasts looking to take part in a nude trip have the benefit of choosing from a wide range of destinations available on different ships around the world.

In particular, it seems as if most prefer warmer temperatures to bask in their birthday suit – perfect for enjoying all those Caribbean sunsets!

What Type Of People Go On Nude Cruises?

Things To Know Before Going On A NudeCruise

Nude cruises attract a wide range of demographics. The majority of people who participate in nude cruises are repeat customers.

Those interested in partaking in a nudist cruise have an array of different lines to choose from to experience their TripAdvisor “five-star rating” holiday plans.

Most companies report that during these trips there is no pressure to conform; a setting that emphasizes freedom, self-expression, and acceptance with equal respect among all those aboard, which can ultimately lead to lifelong friendships being formed with other adventurous voyagers.

Are Children Allowed?

No surprise here; kids are not allowed on board clothing-optional cruises.

Many of the passengers come to relax and escape the usual parental responsibilities associated with having children.

While the company isn’t anti-kids, a lot of passengers prefer not to have them around, so they can truly let go and relax without interruption.

Nude cruises offer an adult experience and atmosphere, one that is typically too risqué for minors.

The strict no-children policy of clothing-optional cruises makes sense when taking into account the climate and theme it fosters.

Such a unique experience is best enjoyed away from children, as it includes behaviors and understandings not typically seen in most public settings.

Where Can Passengers Enjoy Being Naked?

Things To Know Before Going On A Nude Cruise

Naked cruising is becoming an increasingly popular way to enjoy a holiday with like-minded people who love spending time in their birthday suits.

On select Bare Necessities charters, passengers can go “all-nude” almost anywhere on the ship once it reaches international waters.

As soon as the vessel enters back into standard jurisdictions, the captain will announce over the intercom that clothes are to be worn again in certain areas.

Typically, when traveling aboard a naked cruise, passengers must have clothing on when visiting the formal dining room and specialty restaurants; however, clothing is optional in buffets and self-serve areas.

What Do You Need To Know About Naked Sitting?

Naked sitting on a cruise ship is becoming increasingly popular among cruisers.

It can be quite nerve-wracking to understand that the vessel you’re about to board may have just hosted a nude cruise, but there’s no need to worry.


On these kinds of cruises, everyone must place a towel over any spot they plan to sit down so that they don’t make direct contact with the furniture.

Cruise lines are aware of the demand for nudity on board and will ensure an ample supply of towels at passengers’ disposal.


A huge benefit of naked sitting is that it allows passengers to feel unrestricted and free while enjoying their vacation.

People do not have to worry about their clothing feeling confining or constricting since they know they can easily remove it to get comfortable solo.

Being able to enjoy some time alone without focusing on what is covering your body can often be therapeutic and encourage self-love (but remember: if you’re feeling vulnerable during this time, it’s a good idea to take extra care in terms of boundaries and respect other people’s space).

Most Cruise Lines Are Cool About It

Things To KnowBeforeGoing On A NudeCruise

Cruise lines were once hesitant to offer nude cruises due to their family-friendly nature.

However, mainstream cruise lines have opened up to the idea of adult-themed charter cruises aboard their ships.

Despite the nature of the theme, cruise lines recognize the potential for revenue from hosting such events by bringing an entire group of passengers that are of legal drinking and gambling age.

It’s Safe

Organizers also take care to ensure that guests on board these nude cruises won’t accidentally stumble upon any adult activities during their stay.

The presence of these nude charters proves just how eager mainstream cruise lines now are to cater to a wide range of adults’ desires while still keeping their ships enjoyable and appropriate for all ages.

Do The Crew Take Part?

The lives of the crew members on board a cruise ship can be vastly different from that of the guests.

While the passengers are free to roam, strip off, and sunbathe in their birthday suits where appropriate, the crew must remain clothed in uniform at all times.

Although guests come from all parts of the world, cruise ships prefer to employ people who are native to socially conservative countries and cultures – making it essential for them to remain respectful when dealing with naked travelers.

Do They Hire Separate Crew Members?

As such, this presents an interesting challenge for cruise lines; they don’t want to hire a separate staff purely for adult-themed vessels, but they still need trained individuals capable of providing satisfactory service while treating any bare body with due respect.

To meet this goal, some cruise companies provide their crew members with specialized training prior to embarking on voyages that include nudity or other types of extracurricular activities.

Crew members are taught about safety protocols and how to communicate tactfully with any customers participating in these kinds of experiences.

There Is A Particular Etiquette To Follow

The etiquette passengers follow on a cruise ship is designed to facilitate a safe and comfortable journey for all involved.

As part of this, many ships have strict rules that passengers need to comply with, such as refraining from touching others without consent and respecting each other’s privacy by not taking pictures or engaging in any sexual activities in public areas.

Furthermore, extra security personnel is often employed to manage safety and ensure everyone feels secure during their voyage.


Violations of these regulations will not be tolerated, and it is important to understand that consequences could be severe if they are not adhered to.

If it’s found that a passenger has broken the code set by the organizers, then there will be no second chances – they will be immediately thrown off the ship at the next port of call without hesitation.

Are Shore Excursions Actually Tailored Towards Nude Passengers?

Shore excursions are a great way to experience the sights, sounds, and cultures of a region as part of a cruise vacation. For passengers who prefer to vacation in the buff, there may be special offerings tailored to their needs.

Under certain circumstances, cruise lines may offer nude excursions in areas such as the Caribbean if they are visiting one of the company’s private islands.

On these islands and other official-labeled clothing-optional beaches, you can sunbathe, swim, snorkel, and dine while nude without any worries.

Local Laws

Aside from private islands where clothes are not required, passengers should abide by any local laws or ordinances when going ashore on an excursion.

In most cases, cruise lines will offer regular shore excursions with no separate offerings for those wishing to go au naturel – so non-nude shore excursions should be expected throughout most of your trip!

Your ship advisor and onboard staff will be able to tell you what type of clothing is appropriate for each port day or recommended shore activity.

They Are Extremely Welcoming

Living on vacation can be an intimidating thought, especially when the environment isn’t familiar.

Adult-themed cruises are designed to make sure guests feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible by breaking down all physical barriers.

This means that people of all ages, sizes, and genders can relax in a judgment-free zone.

Forming Friendships Onboard

Since adult-themed cruises create a positive atmosphere where everyone is accepted for who they are; people often find themselves forming strong emotional connections with each other and quite possibly even lasting friendships.

These vacations provide the perfect opportunity for guests to escape from everyday pressures and let loose in a safe and fun way.

What Should You Pack For A Nude Cruise?

A nude cruise is a fantastic way to take the stress out of packing for a vacation.

Since you won’t need clothing for spending time around the pool or on the beach, all you have to pack is swimsuits, sunscreen, and some clothes for dinner.

Sunscreen is a definite must-have when going on a nude cruise; since you’ll be completely exposed, it’s essential to protect your skin from burning.

You may want to bring more sunscreen than you normally would, since it may not be easy to find once the boat leaves port.

Themed Party Essentials

It’s also important to remember to bring clothes for formal dinners and shore excursions.

You must look presentable at all times while aboard the cruise ship, so make sure you dress accordingly.

Themed parties are common on these cruises, so you must research ahead of time what style of costumes and body paint will be required if theme nights occur during your trip.

With just these few items packed in advance, you can take advantage of this life without having to worry about deciding what to wear every day of your vacation.

Final Thoughts

Going on a nude cruise can be a fun and liberating experience, as long as you keep certain things in mind.

It’s important to be aware of local laws, to make sure that you are respectful of others, and to pack the appropriate items for your vacation.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure that your nude cruise will be an enjoyable one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Take Photographs?

Capturing the memories of a holiday or vacation, it is quite natural to have the urge to take some pictures, however, when on a cruise ship, there are a few rules that must be kept in mind.

Firstly, it is never ok to take photographs without explicit permission from everyone in the frame. Snapping away without asking is a surefire way to get yourself into trouble with security and lose your camera altogether.

Also, there are so-called “No Photo” zones on board that you should avoid photography in entirely, such as the pool and nightclub areas.

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