Things To Do In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Top Ten Tourist Attractions

Pennsylvania is known the world over for its importance in the founding of the United States of America – helped by notable landmarks like the Liberty Bell, and becoming more well known in recent years as the home of fictional boxer Rocky Balboa, and the popular sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Things To Do In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Top Ten Tourist Attractions

But what many might not know is that the state has much to offer in terms of fun and activities, with the city of Pittsburgh in particular having numerous attractions that locals and tourists alike can enjoy. 

For the purpose of this article, we are going to take a look at the city of Pittsburgh, and compile a list of our top ten favorite attractions that every visitor to the great steel city should check out. 

Top Ten Tourist Attractions 

For those interested in visiting the steel city, let’s take a look at some of the best tourist attractions Pittsburgh has to offer – from the educational, cultural, and fun!

1. The Andy Warhol Museum

While the world famous 20th century pop artist might be more famously associated with New York, he was actually born and raised in Pittsburgh, and here at the Andy Warhol Museum, you can learn all about the revered artist and his rise to global fame. 

Located on Pittsburgh’s north shore, the Andy Warhol Museum is the largest museum in North America that is dedicated to a single artist, and this is perfect for fans of his work, casual art lovers, or those looking to learn about one of Pittsburgh’s most famous former citizens. 

Address: 117 Sandusky St, Pittsburgh PA, 15212

2. The Duquesne Incline

For those looking to see the sights, then the Duquesne Incline is the one for you.

This consists of a charming funicular, which offers a great source of transportation up and down the incline, and allows riders to observe the surrounding rivers and bridges for which the city has become famous

Located near Pittsburgh’s south side neighborhood, this is the perfect way to interact with nature, take in the views, and see the world from a different perspective. 

Address: 1197 W Carson St, Pittsburgh PA, 15219

3. Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Perfect for hiking, relaxing, and taking in the sights, the Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens offer a look at some of the state’s national flowers, some of the pleasantest curated gardens in North America, as well as rotating local art shows that guests can attend. 

There are also bridges, two waterfalls, and panoramic views of the cityscape that can be enjoyed time and time again. For something a little more relaxed and calming, this is certainly the place to try!

Address: 1 Schenley Park, Pittsburgh PA, 15213

4. The Cathedral Of Learning

Something that might surprise newcomers to Pittsburgh is the importance that the city puts into education, and this is reflected in the number of museums and learning centers located throughout rhe city. 

One such center is the Cathedral of Learning, located on the University of Pittsburgh’s main campus, which, as a 42 storey, distinctive art deco skyscraper, is a building you’ll struggle to miss. 

A great place to learn the history of Pittsburgh, and to see panoramic views of the city skyline, this really is a unique place for people of all ages to check out!

Address: 4500 5th Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15260

5. Heinz History Center

One thing many people might not know about Pittsburgh is that it was also the birthplace of the H.J Heinz Company – a food processing company that is perhaps most famous for their baked beans and tomato ketchup. 

Founded in January 1869, the company helped put the steel city on the map, and at the Heinz History Center, visitors can learn all about the company’s history, see some wacky, one of a kind memorabilia, and learn all about how the company came to shape the modern food industry. 

Address: 1212 Smallman St, Pittsburgh PA, 15222

6. Carnegie Museum Of Natural History

Who doesn’t love a good museum? One of the best things about Pittsburgh is the number of fascinating museums and exhibits that are available to the public, with one of the most famous and prestigious being the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. 

Located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, the Museum of Natural History was founded by industrialist Andrew Carnegie in 1896, and hosts the world’s largest collection of Jurassic dinosaur bones, a hall dedicated to African wildlife, an exhibit focused on Ancient Egypt, as well as dedicated exhibits to the indigenous history of Pennsylvania

Address: 4400 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15213

7. Children’s Museum Of Pittsburgh

On the subject of museums, there is also the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh for the little ones, packed full of interesting, interactive exhibits focused around learning, exploring, arts and crafts, and citizenship. 

This is a great day out for kids, and is perfect for young ones to touch, test, and play with things they wouldn’t normally see. This is certainly not one to miss!

Address: 10 Children’s Way, Pittsburgh PA, 15212

8. ‘Kennywood’ Amusement Park

Pittsburgh’s favorite destination for excitement, thrills, and fun is none other than ‘Kennywood’, an amusement park located in the West Mifflin area of the city. 

So beloved is Kennywood that it has become a national historic landmark, offering classic wooden coasters, wholesome family entertainment, and some of the best days out for kids and adults alike. 

For a taste of classic amusement park excitement, all wrapped up in a package that celebrates family fun and local flair, Kennywood really isn’t one you want to miss!

Address: 4800 Kennywood Blvd, West Mifflin PA, 15122

9. Market Square

For those looking to be right in the heart of the steel city, the market square is one to check out! Perfect for relaxing, enjoying some food, taking in the sights, and shopping, market square very much feels like the heart of the Pittsburgh community, and there is certainly no shortage of eye-catching sights. 

With pop up markets, food vendors, and bars, as well as comfortable, shaded seating to relax in, this really is a great place to grab five, regroup, and enjoy some delicious local food. 

Address: 210 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA, 15222

10. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Last but not least, we have the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, popular attractions that offer a great look at some of the most exotic and rare creatures in the animal kingdom. 

With more than 4000 animals, the zoo offers spacious enclosures for the animals to roam around in, and there are plenty of interactive exhibits to keep kids and adults alike entertained.

For a real treat, check out the walk through polar bear tunnel, where you can see these elusive animals up close and personal!

Address: 7370 Baker St, Pittsburgh PA, 15206

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the 10 best activities that tourists can take part in!

It’s true that Pittsburgh is a largely underrated city in the United States, often overlooked for more historic state-mates like Philadelphia.

However, it’s clear from this list alone that there is much to offer people in the city of Pittsburgh, as well as numerous activities that are great fun for locals and tourists alike. 

Alex Kallen
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