Things To Do In Phoenix, Arizona: The Ten Best Tourist Attractions

Arizona is a historic and varied state that has much to offer in the way of scenery, culture, history, and all manner of fun and excitement – with the city of Phoenix acting as the hub and culmination of all of these things. 

Things To Do In Phoenix, Arizona The Ten Best Tourist Attractions

However, despite this, many people might be unaware of exactly what Phoenix has to offer, which is why we have put together a list of the ten best tourist attractions in the city. 

The Ten Best Attractions In Phoenix

On this list, we will take a look at some of the best historical, cultural, scenic, and fun attractions that the city of Phoenix, Arizona has to offer, providing those lucky few with the perfect guide to accompany their trip to the state. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the list!

1. The Desert Botanical Garden

First on our list we have the Desert Botanical Garden – which as its name suggests is a botanical garden dedicated to many of the domestic plant species within the state of Arizona. 

With indoor, outdoor, and seasonal activities for all the family to enjoy, this really is just a nice afternoon activity that people of all ages will appreciate. 

With numerous kinds of succulents and cactuses, as well as desert flowers and trees, this really is a celebration of everything that the state of Arizona stands for, and is a good way for tourists to realize what a lush and varied range of flora that the state has to offer. 

Address: 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix AZ, 85008

2. The Musical Instrument Museum

For those amongst you that are musically minded, the Musical Instrument Museum is a must – hosting numerous historic instruments that helped to shape America, and the specific sounds that came from that part of the country. 

Exploring indigenous instruments, as well as more modern ones, this is a great, interactive museum that people of all ages can enjoy, and there are numerous tours, lectures, and exhibits for visitors to enjoy. 

Once again, this is a cultural celebration of Arizona and its people, and it really is a wholesome experience that locals and tourists alike can enjoy. 

Address: 4725 Mayo Blvd, Phoenix AZ, 85050

3. The Heard Museum

One of the most prestigious showcases of Native American art and cultural artifacts in the country.

The Heard Museum was developed as a way to educate and inform people of the history, practices, and culture of the various indigenous tribes that resided in Arizona through the centuries. 

With practical demonstrations, lectures, tours, and interactive exhibits, this is a great place for people of all ages to get to grips with the complex and storied history of the people who were shaping this land long before European settlers ever arrived. 

Local indigenous artists are common sights throughout the week, and on the weekend the museum plays host to musical artists performing live music – acting as the perfect place to come, unwind, and learn more about these remarkable people. 

Address: 2301 North Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ, 85004

4. Camelback Mountain

Perhaps more than anything, Arizona is famous for its hiking trails, scenery, and breathtaking landscapes. One of these fantastic natural wonders is Camelback Mountain – named due to the iconic and unique formation of the peaks on the horizon. 

Check out the amazing 360 degree views, hike and take in the amazing terrain and landscapes, and immerse yourself amongst the flora and fauna that are native to Arizona. 

This really is a must see for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, and is somewhat of an underrated excursion for the city of Phoenix, which as you can see has so much to offer. 

Address: 4925 E McDonald Dr, Phoenix AZ, 85018

5. Hole In The Rock

One thing that Arizona is really famous for is its unique rock formations – red in color, and unique to the state and the surrounding areas. One notable formation is the ‘Hole in the Rock’, which as its name suggests, is an undercover area with rock on all sides. 

Perfect for relaxing, hiking, and exploring, the Hole in the Rock is one of the most unusual and enthralling experiences in the area, and points to prehistoric life humans residing in the area thousands of years before us.

Address: 625 N Galvin Parkway, Phoenix AZ, 85008

6. Papago Park

If you and your family are looking for the perfect natural park to head to, hike, and take in the sights, then you won’t do better than Papago Park. 

Home to the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden, this really is an enjoyable location for all the family, and is very much a celebration of the natural wonders that the state of Arizona has to offer. 

Address: 625 N Galvin Parkway, Phoenix AZ, 85008

7. ‘Hall of Flame’ Museum Of Firefighting

The ‘Hall of Flame’ is a fantastic, interactive museum celebrating the history of firefighting within the state of Arizona. 

With antique vehicles to look at, historic uniforms, and all manner of tours and exhibits to view, this really is a celebration of some of the most heroic individuals that the state has ever seen – highlighting the struggles they faced over the years, and the sacrifices they continually made to keep people safe. 

Address: 6101 East Van Buren St, Phoenix AZ, 85008

8. Phoenix Zoo

Everyone loves a zoo, and the Phoenix zoo is one of the best in the country!

With outdoor adventures, over 3000 animals, and around 125 acres of beautiful landscape within Papago Park, the Phoenix zoo really is a great day out for all the family to enjoy. 

With cafes, shops, lush gardens, and of course the enclosures, there are numerous things for all ages to enjoy, and nestled in the surrounding area, this really feels like an immersement in nature. 

Address: 455 N Galvin Parkway, Phoenix AZ, 85008

9. The Children’s Museum Of Phoenix

If you are looking for a fun and educational place to take the kids, then you won’t do much better than the children’s Museum of Phoenix. 

With numerous interactive activities for children of all ages to enjoy, this is a great way to learn more about nature and technology in a fun and immersive way.

Address: 215 N 7th St, Phoenix AZ, 85034

10. Echo Canyon Trail & Recreational Area 

Last but not least, we have the Echo Canyon Trail. This is one of the most beautiful scenic trails in the city, and allows for visitors to experience numerous kinds of terrain, inclines, landscapes, and environments. 

For serious hikers looking to experience what the great state of Arizona has to offer, this is certainly the place for you!

Address: 4925 E McDonald Dr, Phoenix AZ, 85018

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Phoenix, Arizona, and the best tourist attractions that the city has to offer. 

It’s true that Phoenix is a great city, but one that is often overrated in favor of more famous coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles.

However, there is much to be experienced in terms of history, culture, and excitement with the state of Arizona, and Phoenix is perhaps the best localized area where all of this comes together. 

Alex Kallen
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