Things To Do In Cincinnati – The Top 10 Tourist Attractions

Being one of the most highly populated cities in the state of Ohio, it should come as no surprise that the city is lively and full of excitement.

Of course, this also means that there are loads of attractions and things to do here, which is why the Buckeye State is such a popular destination for families every year.

Top Tourist Attractions in Cincinnati, Ohio

From The Great American Ball Park to the luscious Botanical Gardens, there is so much in Cincinnati that can get your spirits up, and with so much to do, no two trips here are ever the same, but this also makes it difficult to decide on what to get up to when you finally arrive!

So, in order to make your life a little bit easier, we’ve rounded up the 10 best attractions to visit during your time in Cincinnati, Ohio, which should help you to cover the essentials.

1. Cincinnati Zoo And Botanical Gardens

Isn’t it great when you get to combine trips into one?

Thankfully, the Cincinnati zoo and botanical gardens allow you to do exactly that, combining some of the world’s greatest animals, as well as a very impressive collection of botany too.

With lions and tigers, and a whole other host of animals present in the zoo, it’s easy to understand exactly why it’s such a popular attraction amongst tourists and locals alike, and there are plenty of things to enjoy here for the whole family.

So, with a whole zoo and a range of gardens for you to explore, it’s fair to say that you could easily spend a day enjoying the sights and sounds here!

2. Cincinnati Museum Center

Revered as the city’s best urban history museum, and is easily one of the best attractions in the city as a whole, so if you want to take a walk right through history, this is an excellent way to do so, and should certainly be on your to-do list whether you’re a fan of museums or not.

The Museum first opened its doors back in 1990, and since then has gone on to educate all of its visitors, with exciting and enthralling accounts of some of the most important aspects of both the city’s history, as well as the world’s history.

Whether it’s some of the marvels of ancient Egypt, or the involvement Cincinnati had in World War 2, then the Cincinnati Museum Center is the place to be.

3. Cincinnati Music Hall

For fine art and culture enthusiasts, then Cincinnati Music Hall is an attraction that is certainly worthy of your attention, and has been one of the most popular places to visit for tourists since it was initially completed back in 1878!

Various shows and performances are put on here, including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the May Festival Chorus, as well as Cincinnati Ballet all regularly perform here, so it’s definitely worth checking the schedule to see what might be on during your time in the city.

4. The Great American Ball Park

Home to the Cincinnati Reds, who play in the MLB, the Great American Ball Park is a landmark attraction of Cincinnati, and if you’re going to be in the city during baseball season, then there is absolutely no excuse not to make your way to at least one of their games.

There are often a good number of home games per month, which should give you plenty of opportunity to go and watch the Cincinnati Reds play, and it’s a great way to round off a fun day with all of your family too.

So if you’re looking to create exciting and memorable moments with all of your family, then nothing quite beats cheering the side on under the floodlights!

5. Cincinnati Art Museum

Another one of the city’s most prominent cultural attractions is its art museum, which is full of incredible art, both new and old, and is certainly worth a visit if you’re someone who enjoys exploring every aspect of a museum, and there is plenty of art on show here for you to enjoy.

Another great thing about the Cincinnati Art Museum is that it’s also known as one of the oldest functioning museums in the entire country, having opened its doors in 1881, and is committed to preserving the incredible art which is featured throughout its walls.

So, for a truly unforgettable look into expression, then the Cincinnati Art Museum is certainly one attraction that should be on your itinerary!

6. Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory

If you loved the botanical gardens found at Cincinnati Zoo, then the Irwin M. Conservatory takes it to a whole new level, as you can find over 3,500 different species of wildlife and plants here, all originating from all over the world, which means that you can witness some truly amazing plant life here, as well as a number of interesting wildlife species too.

Also, the fact that this incredible conservatory is located in Eden Park is what makes a visit here extra special, and it’s why so many visitors flock here year after year.

If you’re thinking about paying the conservatory a visit, then be sure to check their schedule, as they often host parties and events there, which should be sure to provide you with plenty of entertainment during your visit!

7. Fountain Square

Right in the heart of the city of Cincinnati is one of the most important landmarks out there, and one that you should definitely make a point of visiting during your stay in the city, and that’s Fountain Square.

Fountain Square is in one of the busiest areas of the city, and is close to numerous great restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, and more, so chances are you’ll pass it at least once during your trip.

The fountain itself is known for its beautifully intricate design and gorgeous water feature, and it’s the perfect place to sit down and have lunch if you’re looking to have a break before returning to the hustle and bustle of your city adventure.

8. Cincinnati Observatory

Everyone enjoys staring into the sky at times, and if this is something that you find yourself doing on a regular basis, then a trip to Cincinnati Observatory should definitely be in order, as you can make use of their incredible 11 and 16-inch refracting telescopes to observe the skies in greater detail!

The observatory is found on top of the aptly named Mount Lookout, and is open on weekdays between noon and 4 pm.

However, it’s not all about the telescopes, as there is also a great range of educational resources here for everyone to use, which makes it the perfect educational attraction for the family too.

So, you should definitely consider a visit to the oldest professional observatory in the US during your time in Cincinnati, as it’s treasured by many of the locals!

9. American Sign Museum

There’s no doubt that Cincinnati is home to a number of truly unique experiences, but we can bet that you’ve probably never seen anything like this before.

This art experience is a truly unique look into the history of American signage, with a vast collection of old and new signs, including restaurant signs, hotel signs, and more, ranging from big to small, and it even includes neon signs too!

The museum isn’t just about displaying the signs though, as they also feature a number of exhibits that provide history and information about how many of these signs were designed and developed, and although it might sound slightly boring, it’s actually an incredibly interesting topic when you begin to learn more about it.

The museum began work on collecting and preserving signs for 6 years before it opened its doors in 2005, and since then it has gone on to provide an invaluable presentation of a huge array of signs.

So, with the museum being open from 10 am to 4 pm every Wednesday to Saturday, there’s plenty of time for you to visit this wonderfully unique museum.

10. Carew Tower Observation Deck

Many tourists often long to find that perfect spot that gives them the best view of the city, so if you’re visiting Cincinnati, then no place comes close to giving you the incredible view that the Carew Tower Observation Deck does.

You can find yourself on the 49th floor of this building, which will give you the ultimate bird’s eye view of the city, and is certainly a great way to take in the expanse of the city!


We hope that this guide to some of the best tourist attractions that Cincinnati has to offer proves helpful.

It’s a hard task whittling down the options to just 10, but these attractions will ensure that you have a culturally enriching experience in the Buckeye State! Thanks for Reading!

Alex Kallen
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