13 Of The Best Breweries In San Antonio And Nearby!

San Antonio is well-known for its long history of Texan-Mexican relations yet nowadays, it also has a bustling beer scene.

Though the scenes in Austin and Houston may receive more plaudits and attention there are some great breweries to be found in San Antonio.

13 Of The Best Breweries In San Antonio And Nearby!

For European styles, bold beers, and innovative flavors read on and make a list of the breweries you should be keen to visit.

The beers are largely locally-made while some are even award-winning while other breweries prove to be great spots to hang out to try something new.

In this guide, we will look at 13 of the best breweries in San Antonio and nearby.

  • Mad Pecker Brewing Co.
  • Blue Star Brewing Company
  • Second Pitch Beer Company
  • Weathered Souls Brewing Co.
  • Dos Sirenos Brewing
  • Black Laboratory Brewing
  • Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Co.
  • Freetail Brewing Co.
  • Southerleigh Fine Food And Brewery
  • Künstler Brewing
  • Roadmap Brewing Co.
  • Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling
  • Vista Brewing

1. Mad Pecker Brewing Co.

Address: 6025 Tezel Road #122, San Antonio, TX 78250

With a range of American pale ales, lagers, brown ales, porters, and Indian pale lagers amongst New England IPAs, there are plenty of reasons to visit Mad Pecker Brewing Co.

Then there are guest beers from nearby in Texas to choose from in their taproom with the likes of Martin House Brewing Company from Fort Worth and Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston represented well (You might also want to check out where Go Hiking In Houston).

Time your visit and you can even take part in their Geeks Who Drink Trivia night every Wednesday or Music Bingo on Saturday nights.

Come for the drinks but stay for the food including a Brew House Pretzel, Hush Poppers, ‘Madchos’, burgers, and pizzas.

2. Blue Star Brewing Company

Address: 1414 S. Alamo #105, San Antonio, TX 78210

At the start of Mission Reach you can find Blue Star Brewing Company which opened in 1996.

The area is great for a way in to see the city’s historical and cultural features along the San Antonio River, so why not stop for a beer or two? You can even take your bike or simply walk down the pedestrian thoroughfare.

The brewery prides itself on organic beer such as an Irish-inspired stout, a Belgian pale ale, an American-style IPA, and an American pale ale though they also serve cask conditioned ale.

Also look out for their Happy Hour on weekdays from 11am to 7pm and their Barnstormer Series of exciting, and sometimes strong, creations.

3. Second Pitch Beer Company

Address: 11935 Starcrest Dr., San Antonio, TX 78247

For a family-friendly brewery, head to Second Pitch Beer Company.

The family-owned business has the perfect atmosphere as well as games, outdoor seating (if the weather suits) and indoor seating.

Second Pitch even claims to be the friendliest beer company in San Antonio and was even voted as 2022’s best new-ish brewery by San Antonio Magazine.

With high-quality ingredients and classic styles of beer that are made well, it’s certainly hard to argue.

The brewery also has a community focus with social and educational events. That may include women’s only events, beer pairing dinners alongside a local chef, or an educational series.

There are also social events such as trivia nights, Bring Your Own Vinyl Sundays, run and bike clubs, even home-brewing competitions.

4. Weathered Souls Brewing Co.

Address: 606 Embassy Oaks – Suite 500, San Antonio, TX 78216

Weathered Souls has a couple of locations including another in Charlotte, North Carolina though the San Antonio taproom has established itself in the local beer scene.

The brewery is stringently independent and they buy their grain locally so you know you are putting something back to the local community.

Indeed, you can single out the brewery as one of the local leaders for social justice.

This is most predominantly seen in the Black Is Beautiful initiative which is a project organized by their co-founder, Marcus Baskerville, and is committed to raising funds for racial equality.

The indie approach can be seen in how the brewery relies on word of mouth rather than extravagant advertising.

Their range of core beers includes an American lager (‘Dale Shine’), a blonde ale (‘MALTerial Girl’), and a German pilsner (‘Hardwood Classic’) though there will be plenty of other, exciting beers to choose from when you visit.

5. Dos Sirenos Brewing

Address: 231 East Cevallos Street, San Antonio, Texas 78204

One of the must-see features of San Antonio is the River Walk yet soon after that you should visit Dos Sirenos Brewing.

This is a great spot when the weather is good due to their generously spaced outdoor area offering a refuge between sightseeing sites.

If you are feeling peckish, then chow down on poutine, a salad, a burger, or a sandwich then wash it all down with one of their beers.

That could be an American lager (‘Loki’s Lager’), a New England IPA (‘Hera DDH IPA’) or a Vienna lager (‘Apollo Vienna Lager’).

6. Black Laboratory Brewing

Address: 1602 E. Houston St., San Antonio, TX 78202

Sometimes it is not about quantity but quality and that certainly rings true for Black Laboratory Brewing.

The microbrewery is owned by Jeff Weihe and Tim Castenada whose scientific background fits well when it comes to small-batch brewing.

Sure, they have an accessible West Coast IPA, but you may find a Halloween sour, a DDH Northeast IPA, and an Apple Cider Blonde Ale all available in their taproom.

Past (and perhaps future offerings) include hazy IPAs, vanilla coffee stouts and maybe even a hard seltzer.

Black Laboratory Brewing is even wild enough to add pickle juice and chamoy to the base of a blonde ale. As you may expect, their menu changes regularly so this may be one to dip in and out of.

7. Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Co.

Address: 1902 S. Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78204

Not everyone in your party may be partial to a beer so you may want to take them to Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Co.

Sure, there is their Highwheel range of beers to explore, including a Belgian-style saison and a German-style kölsch.

However, you may end up leaving with one of their small batch bottles including Kinsman Apricot Rakia Brandy.

Then again, you could always peruse their cocktails menu, including classics like a Negroni, a Moscow Mule, an Old Fashioned, or even a Brandy Alexander.

This is a brewery that excels at mixing traditional production methods with exciting trends.

That should mean some European-style beers like an English porter but also a quintessentially American West Coast IPA that is a fusion of tropical fruits and citrus notes to bring some sunshine.

8. Freetail Brewing Co.

Address: 4035 N Loop 1604 W #105, San Antonio, TX 78257

For a quintessential San Antonio-styled beer, try one from Freetail Brewing Co.

You could even schedule a visit to partake in some of their events including a stand-up comedy night on the first Thursday of every month or perhaps some live music or trivia. Perhaps after some yoga.

There are plenty of styles to choose from including a Bavarian-style helles lager (‘Bat Outta Helles’), a bock (‘Bowie Bock’), or maybe an IPA (‘Soul Doubt’).

Bear in mind that Freetail Brewing Co. have picked up a few awards in their time.

That may be a few ‘best-ofs’ from the local publications or a couple of medals from the Texas Craft Brewers Cup.

Arguably, they have set the bar for local beer production with several different approaches.

While they have paid their respects to the German roots of San Antonio with their helles lager, they are not afraid to involve some Tex-Mex flavors too, even if that means chipotle, ancho, and chile pequin peppers being added to a cucumber cos in their ¡Puro! Pickles Picoso.

9. Southerleigh Fine Food And Brewery

Address: 136 E. Grayson St. Suite 120, San Antonio, TX 78215

Few breweries offer such a unique gastronomic experience alongside their beer production but then few are part of a wider hospitality group.

That’s the case for Southerleigh Fine Food And Brewery where you can enjoy a menu that shifts with the seasons.

That may include Snapper throats, Beef Carpaccio, Crab Mac & Cheese, Fries and Caviar or Chefs Curated Oysters.

Then again, it could be Fried Chicken, a Cracker Crusted Gulf Red Fish, Roasted Quail, or Galveston-Style Shrimp Boil.

The beer is impressive too and one of their most renowned beers is a Gold Export Lager, a traditional German lager that can be paired with so many dishes.

Its smooth, balanced taste can propel many a dish to astronomical heights. Go there to choose from one of 15 different beers on offer on tap yet stay for the food for a surefire experience you will not forget.

10. Künstler Brewing

Address: 302 East Lachapelle, San Antonio, TX 78204

As you may imagine from the name, there is plenty of German influence to be found at Künstler Brewing though a fair helping of Texan fare too.

Those stylings come via Vera and Brent Deckard who are the brewers and owners bringing a range of handcrafted beers (biers) into San Antonio’s beer scene.

Before you even sample one of their beers, you may want to take a tour to learn how they are made.

The German term ‘künstler’ can be translated to artist which makes sense when you consider what Vera and Brent produce which includes quirky creations and beers that would please a German purist.

That may include a cashmere hefeweizen or a delicious dark beer which you can then enjoy in its full glory in the bar.

That may be over some food too as they offer weekly specials from a Brisket Melt on Mondays to a Lobster Roll on Tuesdays, a Pork Schnitzel on Wednesdays and on Thursdays their line cooks create their own specials.

Of course, on the weekend you can expect ‘Fried Frydays’, doner kebabs on Saturdays, and brunch in the morning and burgers in the evening on Sundays.

11. Roadmap Brewing Co.

Address: 723 North Alamo Street, San Antonio, TX, 78215

There are some great success stories that involve San Antonio’s beer scene and another involves Hannah and Dustin Baker at Roadmap Brewing Co.

What was once purely a garage operation after being given a home brewing kit has now become a popular destination downtown on North Alamo Street.

You may not realize that as soon as you walk in, especially as it can provide such a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This is an establishment where the family-owned business are so proud of their offerings that you can even gaze at the stainless steel brewery tanks as you sup a beer at the table.

That may be an award-winning beer such as the 2002 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winning pilsner known as ‘Alright, Alright, Alright’.

It could be their 2021 US Open Bronze Medal Winning English pub ale; ‘Craven Cottage’, named after the home ground of the brewers’ favorite soccer club, Fulham.

Then again, it could merely be a great American IPA (‘Mama Dukes’) or a New England IPA (‘Lil Rhody’).

Roadmap also excel at DIPAs, hefeweizen, and even offer a fruited kettle sour known as ‘Professor Plum’s Alibi.

12. Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Address: 4834 Whirlwind Dr, Ste 102, San Antonio, TX 78217

Along with Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Co., there is another brewstillery you can visit and that’s Ranger Creek.

That may simply be for their range of beers that includes their German-style lager (‘San Antonio Lager’), a German-style hefeweizen (‘Love Struck Hefe’), and an IPA (‘Sky Trooper’).

Then again, there is an amber lager (‘Dog In The Hunt’), a coffee ale (‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’), and a Vienna-style lager (‘Oktober Fest’) to enjoy too.

Their flagship products are all whiskey, including their flagship .36 Straight Bourbon Whiskey which has been showered with awards including Best Whiskey and Best In Show at the American Craft Spirits Awards.

Their .44 Texas Rye Whiskey, Mesquite Smoked Rimfire, and .36 White Whiskey are also worth checking out.

That’s not to mention being named as the best distillery as well as top brewery, distillery tour, and taproom experience by San Antonio Express News.

13. Vista Brewing

Address: 1333 Buena Vista St STE 107, San Antonio, TX 78207

Another brewery that pays homage to its European roots while respecting the local surroundings is Vista Brewing.

Their beers are made with water sourced straight from their own limestone-filtered well. Such a fresh, locally-sourced component can be seen in their range of beers.

While that may be a German-style kölsch (‘Adair’), an American IPA (‘Destination’), or a French-style saison (‘Le Saison’), it could well be an award winning offering too.

That could well be their black pilsner named ‘Dark Skies’ which won the Gold Medal at the US Open Beer Championships.

There are seasonal styles to take in and a barrel program that uses empty wine and spirits barrels from their Central Texan neighbors.

Check their menu regularly as you may stumble on a collaborative series that really takes your fancy. More than a mere brewery to take a chance on, Vista Brewing is a destination all on its own merits.

Final Thoughts

Due to the diversity of San Antonio’s culture you can find a range of European-style beers, many of them German.

That includes hefeweizen, pilsner, witbier, and lager though there is plenty more to be discovered from San Antonio’s beer scene.

Some of them are award-winning, many of them offer a family-friendly atmosphere while a few can even count themselves as a brewstillery by offering spirits alongside their range of beers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Breweries Are Located Close To The River Walk In San Antonio?

There are two breweries that are a short distance away from the River Walk in San Antonio making them ideal for a quick beer.

North of the River Walk is Roadmap Brewing Co. while south lies Dos Sirenos Brewing. Both offer a fantastic, extensive range of beers which are well worth sampling.

What Is The German Heritage In San Antonio?

Of course, San Antonio is well known for its Mexican background and you only need to visit the Alamo to get a sense of that.

However, in the 1840s, the Adelsverein was formed by a group of German noblemen.

The group was founded for two purposes; to secure land for the group in Texas Hill Country (including amidst San Antonio) and to protect German immigrants like them who were coming to Texa

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